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Draper Middle School operates on a modified “block schedule” with core subjects (math, English, science and social studies) meeting every other day. Here are some key things to know about Draper’s block schedule:

The schedule follows an alternating cycle: A day; B day; C day and D day. There are signs posted around the school to remind you what day it is in the cycle. A year-long schedule is on the Web. Note: The schedule is planned around scheduled holidays. If a snow day falls on an A day, the next day is an A day.

  • Student Arrival 7:30
  • Period 1: 7:35-8:15
  • Period 2: 8:19-8:59
  • Period 3: 9:03 – 9:48
  • Period 4: 9:52-10:32
  • Period 5: 10:36-11:15
  • Period 6: 11:19-11:58
  • Period 7: 12:02-12:41
  • Period 8: 12:45-1:25
  • Period 9: 1:29-2:10
  • Activity Period 2:15-2:50

Period 10 is held after the regular school day from 2:10 to 2:50 p.m. This is a designated time for:

  • Additional academic help, when needed, with teachers;

  • Scheduled meetings of school clubs and other extracurricular activities;

  • Homework, particularly for student athletes;

  • Detention, if assigned; and

  • Parent-teacher conferences.

Be on time to class! There are only four minutes between the end of one class and the start of another. In many cases you will not have time to stop at your locker, so plan accordingly. If you get detained by a teacher, ask for a pass. Otherwise, if you’re not in your class by the time the bell rings, you’re tardy.

Questions about your schedule?

Don’t be afraid to ask a teacher, a friend or stop down to the Guidance Office for help deciphering your schedule.