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| September 20, 2023

Mohonasen would like to make fans aware of a new spectator sportsmanship policy that the New York State Public High School Athletic Association (NYSPHSAA) put into place that aims to prevent unruly behavior by fans.

Any spectator removed by an official, law enforcement, school administration, chaperone or coach is ineligible to attend any interschool competition, for that school, until after the next previously scheduled game at the same level has been completed.

If there is a second removal in the same sport in the same season they shall not attend until the next two regularly scheduled games, for that school, have been completed.

If the spectator doesn’t comply with the suspensions (home or away), the suspension is increased to a second or third offense.

A spectator who receives a third removal in the same sports season will not be allowed to attend for the rest of the season (regular season & postseason).

The section and/or the school district has the authority to extend the period of ineligibility in those cases where the actions are warranted.

The home school may also require the individual removed to take the NFHS parent credentialing course in addition to the suspensions.

Schools and leagues can always be more restrictive; removed or suspended spectators will be notified both verbally and in writing of their suspensions.