Student Registration

Registration Process

To register a student, please call the Central Registration Office at 518-356-8222 or email At that time, the address will be verified and initial information will be obtained.

Learn about kindergarten registration

Proof of Residency:

Please provide one of the following information with your name and address, dated within the last 30 days;

  • If renter, current lease, which includes landlord’s name, address and telephone number as we may need to contact them to verify the contents of the lease.
  • If renter without a current lease, please provide current rent receipt with landlord’s name, address and telephone number as we will need to call and speak with them.
  • If homeowner, current school taxes for Mohonasen CSD, deed, and/or mortgage statement
  • If you have just had your closing, closing papers including all realtor information.
  • If moving in with someone else, that individual must provide one of the documents listed above as well as be present at the time of registration to sign an affidavit. The homeowner and parent must sign separate documents and have them notarized and you must provide the items listed below.


License and car registration with name and current address.

AND two of the following items:

  • National Grid or Spectrum bill
  • Current pay stub
  • Bank and/or credit union account statement
  • Income tax forms
  • Home and/or renter’s insurance
  • Completed change of address from the Post Office
  • Documents issued by federal, state or local agencies

Proof of Age

Please provide ONE of the following:

  • Child’s birth certificate with seal (not hospital) or certified copy
  • Baptismal record
  • Passport
  • Acceptable Alternative Forms: If you are not able to provide any of the forms listed above, the district will consider the following documents:
    • Official driver’s license (of student)
    • State or other government issued identification
    • Hospital or health records
    • Military dependent identification card
    • Documents issued by federal, state, or local agencies
    • Court orders or other court-issued documents
    • Native American tribal documents

Other Mandatory Student Information

  • Immunization Record and current physical. The registration packet may not be processed without this!
  • Custody papers, if applicable. If student is not your biological child, you must present official court-generated documentation that proves a permanent and total transfer of custody and control of the student to you.
  • Child’s Individual Education Program (IEP), if applicable
  • Child’s 504 Plan, if applicable
  • Child’s last report card or transcript

When you have everything you need to register, call our registration office at 518.356.8222 for an appointment, or email If you fall under any of the special circumstances on this page, please also call 518.356.8222. Upon registering your child(ren), the district will provide you with additional forms to be completed. Incomplete packets cannot be processed. Please bring all requested material to your appointment.

Special Circumstances

Students who fit any of the following categories must also contact our registration office at 518.356.8222 to complete the registration process.

  • Parent Home Schooled – Even if you choose to exercise your Federal rights to home school your children in the Mohonasen Central School District, you must register your child with the district. Find out more about home schooling. Please contact Laurel Logan-King with any further questions at 518.356.8205 or by email at
  • Preschool Special Education – If you reside in the Mohonasen Central School District and your preschooler is identified by the Committee on Preschool Special Education, you must register your child with the district so that approved services can be paid for. Call the office for a registration packet or you can download one here.
  • Placement in Private or Parochial Schools – Even if your child will be attending a private or parochial school setting, you must register your child with the district. Any services, such as transportation, can not be provided without proof of residency in the district. Transportation requests for private or parochial placements must be completed by April 1 of any given year and returned to the district office. Call the office for a registration packet or you can download one here.
  • New York State Migrant Education Program Parent Survey
    The Migrant Education Program (MEP) provides a variety of educational services to families who work in agriculture, regardless of their nationality or legal status. This program is free of charge to all eligible families.

Other Information

  • Preschool-Aged Children – If you have a child of preschool age that lives in the Mohonasen Central School District, please complete the Preschool Census Form and mail it to Mrs. Alma DiCocco at Bradt Elementary School, 2719 Hamburg St., Schenectady, NY 12303.
  • Change of Address – Any change of address must be verified with the District Office Registrar in order to maintain eligibility for attendance at Mohonasen. You must provide three proofs of residency in order to verify the change.  Acceptable Proof of Residency
  • Transportation Changes – Any changes in transportation arrangements should be directed toward the Central Office Registrar. Transportation changes can not be made without also verifying residency at the new address.
  • McKinney-Vento Homeless Education Act – The Mohonasen Central School District is dedicated to helping ensure our students’ education is not disrupted due to loss of housing, economic hardship or disaster. If you have concerns regarding homelessness, contact the district’s Homeless Liason, Christopher Ruberti at 518.356.8210 or by e-mail at
  • Tuition – There is NOT an option to pay tuition and attend Mohonasen Central Schools. In order to attend Mohonasen you must reside in the district.
  • Falsified information – Everyone is asked to sign a statement at the end of the New Student Registration Form. Should it be determined that misinformation was provided for the purpose of attending the Mohonasen Central Schools, you may be billed for reimbursement of tuition and/or be excluded for attending the Mohonasen Central Schools. Be sure to provide accurate and truthful information.

Contact Information

Central Registrar
Susanne Candee
Phone: 518.356.8222
Fax: 518.356.8247

Home Schooling

The registration office is located in the Mohonasen District Offices at Mohonasen High School. Get directions here.