Superintendent Update

Dear parents, faculty, and staff,

I am writing to provide you with an overview of current job openings at Mohonasen and to further update you regarding our team name and logos.

Instructional Openings:  Please visit to apply

  • School Psychologist – Licensed

  • Special Education Teacher – Draper Middle School

  • Teacher Assistant (multiple open positions)

Non-Instructional Openings: Please visit for more information

  • Transportation Department

    • Auto Mechanic – starting salary $42,176 – $45,307

    • School Bus Dispatcher – starting salary $37,927 – $40,717

    • School Bus Driver – starting hourly rate $20.30hr – $22.84/hr

    • School Bus Aide – starting hourly rate $15.00/hr

  • Facilities Department

    • Maintenance Mechanic – starting salary $35,877 – $38,746

    • Cleaner (2nd shift) – $31,320 (increased to $33,199 with 6% shift differential)

  • HS Office

    • Clerical position – starting salary $30,559 – $33,004

  • Substitutes

    • All departments are looking for substitutes as well so please check the employment page link above for more information on these positions.  The minimum sub rate is $15.00/hour.

Team Name and Logos: When I updated you last month I indicated we would soon be starting the process of phasing out our two logos. Here is additional information and specifics regarding our efforts and the associated costs.

  • We have two years (until the start of the 2025-2026 school year) to come into compliance with the regulations.

  • New York State has to date indicated they will not be financially supporting the mandated logo and name changes.  We are tracking those expenses and we know there has been some advocacy surrounding the funding of the mandated changes, but it remains to be seen if any of those efforts will be successful or whether the expenses will be the sole responsibility of the District.

  • We have ceased purchasing any new items with our logos or the Warrior name.

  • We are using up our current stock of things such as letterhead and folders and award certificates and then reordering new ones with either just “Mohonasen” or one of our “M” logos, but without the spear and feather.

  • A variety of District signage is in the process of being replaced or repurposed with a total estimated cost of $35,000.  This includes the athletic banners on our main campus, a great deal of signage outside all our buildings, and the numerous instances of interior signage which has either of our two discontinued logos displayed.  Wherever possible we are covering or repurposing such items as opposed to simply discarding signage that is in good shape.

  • Our initial estimate to remove “Warriors” from our turf field was $150,000. This would involve unstitching the end zone material and replacing it with new material depicting either Mohonasen or a new team name or logo(s) at some point in the future. We have asked whether we can postpone replacement/covering and include it as part of the upcoming capital project such that the District would receive state aid back on the expenditure.

  • The High School Gym has a couple of items on the gym floor that will need to be discontinued.  We are waiting on additional quotes, but our initial quotes are for $13,000 and for $18,000 with the difference being whether new logos or wording needs to be applied or whether existing wording and logos should simply be painted over instead.  As the floor is due for a refinishing, the main portion of this cost was already budgeted for, but the painting portion would be beyond what was budgeted and does represent additional costs.

  • Online sports apparel and items can still be purchased and configured with our logos and team name for the time being.

Yours in Service,

Shannon Shine, Superintendent