Driver Education registration opens April 10

Mohonasen will offer a Driver Education program from July 8 to August 16. Registration for Driver Education opens on April 10 at 7 a.m. You will be able to register here. Registrants must be Mohonasen students and have a driving permit prior to July 8.

There are two payment options. The first is pay online at FamilyID, and the second is pay with a check made payable to Rotterdam Mohonasen Central School District (add Driver Ed and students name in memo) to be delivered to the District Office.  Payments will not be accepted prior to April 10, 2024. No refunds will be given after the session begins.

Some benefits of completing a Driver Education program include: 

  • Most insurance companies offer a discount for completion of an accredited Driver and Traffic Safety Education (DTSE) program
  • Students who successfully complete an accredited DTSE program are eligible for unrestricted driving privileges (Senior License) at age 17 rather than 18
  • Students who successfully complete an accredited DTSE program are NOT required to complete the five (5) hour pre-licensing course prior to their DMV road test
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