Draper students take a meaningful trip to Legoland

Students in Draper Middle School (DMS) CARES and Mrs. Giattino’s class recently took a field trip to Legoland with the support of the Mohonasen Foundation for Excellence.

This trip was a culmination of a partnership between the Draper developmental skills students of Team Giattino and grade 8 volunteers promoting the ideals of inclusion and acceptance of others. It was an amazing opportunity for all participants where friendships were made.

This is the second year of the DMS CARES program at Draper Middle School and there are 23 members. DMS CARES is a group of volunteers in grade 8 who, during their advisory period, attend and participate in Mrs. Schaap‘s self-contained developmental skills physical education and health and wellness classes with Team Giattino.

Collectively, the students involved have formed partnerships and genuine friendships that include all of the goals of DMS CARES; diversity, mentoring, sharing, connections, acceptance, respect, empathy and success.

This program was created and implemented under the direct supervision of Mrs. Schaap, Mrs. Giattino and Mrs. Laudenschlager.