State Foundation Aid Funding Plan

For the 2022-23 school year, the Rotterdam-Mohonasen Central School District received a foundation aid increase of $2.16 million.

Throughout the budget process the District solicited input from various stakeholders. This included four months of public budget presentations and public comment periods as well as the budget forum prior to the vote. The use of Foundation Aid and grant funding to restore programming and decreasing class sizes was met with positive feedback from the community, the staff and the Board of Education.

The District created lower class size targets in grades K-6 for the 2022-23 school year and beyond. Specifically, class size targets were lowered to a maximum of 21 students in grades K-1, 23 in grades 2-3 and 25 in grades 4-6. In addition there were math and science positions which were at risk of being cut at the secondary level. These cuts would have decreased offerings while also increasing overall class sizes in these areas.

There were two music positions added for the 2022-23 school year as well. These positions will result in additional lesson groups and expanded course offerings. The music program has been a tremendous source of pride for the community and the District was eager to restore some of the program reductions from previous years.

In addition to the areas listed above the increase in Foundation Aid is also being used to fund the salaries of two counselors from Northern Rivers to address the social emotional needs of our students and families. This has been an extremely valuable resource and made a significant impact on the well being of our students.

If there are questions about the specific use of this funding please contact Chris Ruberti, Assistant Superintendent for Business at .

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