Creating change; Mohonasen’s school-based mental health clinic receives statewide recognition

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and at Mohonasen, we strive to help every child become the best version of themselves. Mohonasen is one of the few Capital Region schools that partners with Northern Rivers, a human services agency, to provide an on-campus mental health clinic for students. The clinic aims to deconstruct barriers a student might face while trying to access mental health services. 

Mackenzie Costigan, the Northern Rivers school clinician stationed at Mohonasen high school, works closely with many students during the school day. An on-campus location eliminates the need for parents to provide transportation to an independent clinic, something that is a struggle for many working families. Having a clinician visible at Mohonasen also makes it easier for students to reach out for help. 

This winter, Mohonasen’s partnership with Northern Rivers caught the attention of Governor Kathy Hochul, and prompted a visit. Governor Hochul came to Mohonasen in February to discuss mental health with students and staff members. 

After Governor Hochul’s visit, the New York State Office of Mental Health reached out to Mohonasen and expressed interest in interviewing the amazing staff members who make the school-based mental health clinic possible and the students who access the service. The hope is that these stories will influence other Capital Region schools to host an on-campus clinic for their students as well. 

Below you will find the interviews conducted by the NYS Office of Mental Health:

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