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ALL New York State residents who own their own homes can significantly reduce their school property taxes through a School Tax Reduction (STAR) exemption, regardless of age or income. But the savings is not automatic.

Typically, you have to apply with your town assessor’s office by March 1 to be eligible for the tax break – and seniors who apply for the enhanced exemption must reapply each year. For more information about the STAR program, contact the assessor’s office in your town or go online. The STAR (School Tax Relief) program is a state program that the district has no control over. The New York State STAR program is intended to be solely a state tax relief program—NOT state aid for education.

It is important for all taxpayers in New York State to understand how the STAR program works, because by taking advantage of it property owners can save hundreds of dollars a year on their school taxes. Learn more the STAR program and download the necessary forms online.

Real Property Tax Exemption (approved in February 2007)

Residents over the age of 65 and qualifying residents of any age with disabilities who have an annual income of $35,400 or less can be exempted from paying 5-50 percent of their home’s assessed value, translating to a reduction in school taxes. Applications must be filed with your town assessor’s office and must be renewed annually.

Alternative Veterans Exemption (approved in March 2014)

Veterans who received an honorable discharge from service; had active duty status during wartime (Persian Gulf Conflict, Vietnam War, Korean War, World War II) for dates specified in law; and/or those receiving Expeditionary Medals or who qualify under the alternatives to “period of war” service may also qualify for this exemption. Generally, reservists are not eligible. Certain family members of veterans may be eligible. The exemption is limited to primary residence based on a percentage of assessed value subject to maximum levels of exemption: $6,000 exemption for wartime service; $10,000 exemption for combat zone service, and $20,000 for service-connected disability. Applications must be filed with your town assessor’s office. Veterans with already approved exemptions on file with the town DO NOT need to apply for the school tax exemption.

For more information, contact the assessor’s office in your town:

  • Rotterdam – 355-7575 ext. 396
  • Colonie – 783-2701
  • Guilderland – 356-1980