Bradt’s book vending machine

student reading

Bradt students have another opportunity to discover new books. Introducing a new initiative this school year, students can earn tokens for a book vending machine. Each student will be gifted a token on their birthday, allowing them to pick a book of their choosing. The recipients of the monthly Bradt Character Awards will also receive an additional token.

Bradt reading specialist, Carmella Fusco, helped secure the funding for the vending machine through Broadview Federal Credit Union, who generously gave the district a $2,500 grant. Fusco then secured additional funding to stock the vending machine through the Mohonasen PTO and the Mohonasen Foundation for Excellence.

Students using the book vending machine
Students using the vending machine

“It is so incredible to see how excited our students are about the vending machine,” said Fusco. “I watch them skip down to the machine with a smile on their face, so happy to receive a book. The vending machine is reigniting our student’s love for reading.”

To keep the stock of books fresh, there is a suggestion box next to the machine and in individual classrooms, where students can write titles of books they would like to see in the machine.

“With the book vending machine in place, students are talking about books more than ever,” said Bradt Principal Leslie Smith. “I love hearing them discussing the books with their classmates, as the joy of shared stories creates bonds.”

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