Board of Education 2024-25 Vote: Three Open Seats

Residents will elect three candidates to the Board of Education for a three-year term. The candidates are: Ericka Montagino, Theodore Perretta and Nicholas Giardono.

Ericka Montagino

Ericka Montagino, is seeking a second term on the Board. Montagino is currently the Mohonasen Board of Education Vice President. A Mohonasen resident for 10 years, she and her spouse, Charles, have two children in the district, both at Pinewood. Montagino works at Independent Pharmacy Cooperative as the Senior Director of Strategic Sourcing. She is an appointed member of the Rotterdam Emergency Medical Board and is currently on the Mohonasen Board of Education Policy Committee. She holds a Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the Albany College of Pharmacy.

“I am a firm believer in giving back to my community through public service and collaboration. Having grown up in Rotterdam, I have a sincere interest and feel compelled to listen and collaborate with those that want to make an impact on our students’ education and future. I remain committed to ensuring that our childrens best interests and future remain top priority. I intend to continue to support our District goals and vision.” 

Theodore Perretta

Theodore Perretta is seeking a first term on the Board. A Mohonasen resident for 20 years, he and his spouse, Rebecca, have two children in the district, both at Mohonasen High School. Perretta is a Verizon Field Technician specializing in installation and repair. He graduated from Mohonasen High School and has an associates degree from SCCC in culinary arts. Perrette is involved in the Volleyball Booster Club.

“I would like to serve on the Mohonasen Board of Education to help create a Board that can work together. Having an environment with the same focus of bettering the atmosphere and education of the students. Having two daughters that attend MHS, I have become more concerned and increasingly aware of the current school environment. The Board needs to listen to everyone’s concerns and ideas. I would like to get involved to make a difference.”

Nicholas Giardono

Nicholas Giardono is seeking a first term on the Board. A Mohonasen resident for 48 years, he has two children who have both come through the district. One has graduated and the other is currently attending Mohonasen High School. Giardono is a retired Schenectady Police Officer of 24 years and is a part-time sheriff deputy at the Schenectady County Sheriff’s Dept. He is also a part-time driving coach at Easy Method Driving School. Graduating from Mohonasen in 1990, he also attended HVCC and SCCC. He graduated from Zone 5 NY Regional Law Enforcement Training Academy in February 1999. 

“I would like to run for school board because I want to make sure students are getting the proper curriculums they need to prepare for the future. I feel we need to get back to the basics of teaching. I also want to make sure that teachers and staff have the proper resources they need to do their job. Student safety is also a concern of mine. All should feel safe when at school. If elected I will do my best to improve the quality of the school system along with fairness and accountability at all levels.”