main content starts hereYear-end Box Tops winners announced

| July 12, 2016

The Box Tops for Education program has earned a lifetime total of $51,336 since the program’s inception in 1998.  This money has been used to provide materials for our students that are not covered in the usual budget process.  Thanks to all who have participated in the program for the past 18 years.  We look forward to participating in this program for many years into the future.

The final 2015-2016 Box Tops for Education drawing was held at Bradt and Pinewood Schools.  Here are the winners from both schools.

1516MayJuneWnrsBradtFrom Bradt School:
Liam Fikert, Grade K, Mrs. Rau’s class
Emma Endres, Grade K, Mrs. Pace’s class
Eoin O’Brien, Grade K, Ms. Brousseau’s class
Owen Pincher, Grade K, Mrs. Evans’ class
Donovan Cummins, Grade 1, Mrs. Masick’s class
Marcella Turner, Grade 1, Mrs. Hurst’s class
Xavierre Perez-Tucker, Grade 1, Mrs. Palleschi’s class
Lucas Ricciardi, Grade 2, Mrs. Palleschi’s class
James Thompson, Grade 2, Mrs. Ranze’s class
Dominick Salamone, Grade 2, Mrs. Mosier’s class

1516MayJuneWnrsPWFrom Pinewood School:
Anthony Bush, Grade 3, Ms. Connelly’s class
Matthew Rogers, Grade 3, Ms. Connelly’s class
Mark DeNisio, Grade 3, Mrs. Krawiecki’s class
Abby Marriner, Grade 3, Mrs. Krawiecki’s class
Hunter Eimers, Grade 3, Mrs. Mullen’s class
Andrew Crux, Grade 3, Mrs. Mullen’s class
Shelby McLean, Grade 3, Mrs. Pangman’s class
Noah Madden, Grade 3, Mrs. Varley’s class
Vincenzo DiCostanzo, Grade 4, Ms. Altomer’s class
Madison Fleming, Grade 5, Mrs. Kelts’ class

Remember to clip and save Box Tops for Education all summer long and turn in to your child’s school building.  Next year, the program will expand to Draper Middle School.  You will be able to submit your Box Tops to the Draper Middle School office.