main content starts hereTeam Giattino celebrates end of year with ‘Wide World of Sports’

| June 26, 2015

Team Giattino’s Developmental Skills Class from Draper Middle School presented their year-end celebration “Our Wide World of Sports” on Wednesday, June 17. The classroom was filled with displays of projects the students created throughout the year as well as pictures that portrayed many of the field trips and sporting activities that students participated in.

Each student also presented a portfolio of projects to peers, family members, school administration and faculty of the many topics they studied during the school year. Topics included: studying the many components and rules of various sports, researching famous athletes, and studying a variety of both current and historic sporting events. Students also learned U.S. geography by virtually “visiting” stadiums and professional sports teams across the country.

Students learned ways in which they could prepare and maintain their bodies to become an athlete. They learned the value of fitness and nutrition and how to implement both into their everyday lives.

Most importantly, much of the year focused on how to be great teammates and demonstrate sportsmanship, not only on a team, but in their home, school and community settings. Students have learned the qualities needed to be a great student, teammate and athlete by demonstrating optimism, confidence, determination, pride and perseverance.