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| July 13, 2022

The NYS mathematics curriculum requires the use of a graphing calculator for Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2. Graphing calculators are also integral to learning mathematical concepts in all our mathematics courses offered at Mohonasen High School. Although there are graphing calculators available in each classroom, the calculators are only available for classroom use and not to be taken home. For this reason, the mathematics department recommends purchasing a graphing calculator. Although not required, it will provide students the opportunity to complete work at home and not be dependent on classroom time to use a graphing calculator. We understand that graphing calculators can be expensive and, for that reason, we wanted to inform students/parents that the best time to buy one is in the month of July. This is the only time of year that Texas Instruments (TI) calculators of any type go on sale. The savings for a TI calculator can be significant when they are bought during the sales.

TI calculators can be found for sale at multiple vendors including Walmart, Staples/Office Max, and Amazon to name a few. TI calculators can also be found in used condition on eBay.

Please note that due to potential microchip shortages, supplies of TI calculators may be limited and it is possible that after this summer graphing calculators will be unavailable or very expensive.

We recommend purchasing only TI graphing calculators as those are the educational standard and our teachers are fluent in their operation. You can certainly buy other brands of graphing calculators (e.g. – Casio) but our teachers are not trained on how to use them and may not be able to help students with their operation.

The following TI graphing calculators are acceptable for use throughout high school as well as on SAT and ACT exams:
TI83 Plus
TI84 Plus
TI84 Plus CE

You can compare graphing calculators at the TI website here. Any of the calculators listed above are sufficient for all high school mathematics coursework. It is not necessary to buy the TI84 Plus CE and it does not provide any meaningful advantage to students who own one. TI84 Plus CE calculators are significantly more expensive than the non-CE versions.

**Please note that any graphing calculator with a CAS (Computer Algebra System) is not allowed on Regents exams or ACT exams.

**The mathematics department does not recommend the purchase of TI-Nspire calculators or TI89 calculators.