main content starts hereStudent transportation changes at Bradt, Pinewood

| July 29, 2019

Starting in September, daily bus notes for alternate drop-off locations are no longer permitted for elementary students. Read a letter from Bradt Principal Leslie Smith here.

As always, all student pick-up and drop-off locations should be established in advance. Most often, this is a single pick-up and drop-off location five days per week, but these locations may be different from each other. In cases of joint custody, there may be up to two different pick-up and drop-off locations.

In extenuating circumstances, there may be an emergency need to drop your child(ren) off at an alternate location. When such situations arise, the building principal is authorized to provide permission for a different drop off location. Please put your request in writing and send it to school with your child. If the emergency occurs during the day, please contact the Main Office for permission.

Please note, if you have children at Draper or the high school, these students may still be dropped off at alternate locations as students at this level are able to advocate for themselves and communicate clearly with drivers regarding after-school care.

If you have any questions, please contact your child’s Main Office.