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In an effort to make our schools safe we ask all parents/visitors to:

  • Enter building through the designated front door
  • Sign in at the office or front desk and obtain a visitor pass
    Visitors are asked to present their license upon arrival. The license is then scanned into a computer and compared against the New York State Sex Offender Registry. School staff enter all relevant information – including the person’s destination – into the computer and print the visitor a nametag.
  • Sign out and hand in the pass when leaving
  • Park in lots and avoid leaving vehicles in the fire lane

Safety Drills

Every year, district officials review security procedures and hold simulations and drills to practice and improve protocols. The district also allows local emergency responders to train in Mohonasen buildings when school is not in session. All district students and staff frequently review safety terminology, the importance of listening and following directions in an emergency, and how to report any concerns.

As part of this effort, the district holds a series of fire, lockdown, and weather emergency drills throughout the year. These drills sometimes include local law enforcement agencies, fire departments and/or emergency response teams. Drills are always held within regular school hours and do not change dismissal times.

These drills are designed to make sure everyone knows how to act in an emergency situation. School continues to be one of the safest places for children and school leaders are always looking for ways to make it even safer.

Security Cameras at School

Surveillance cameras to help deter violence and vandalism are in place in all Mohonasen Schools. These closed-circuit TV cameras monitor student activity in high-traffic areas both inside and outside of our schools. Security cameras record people as they enter and exit each school building and sensors notify staff when there has been an unauthorized entry at selected doors. There are no surveillance cameras in student bathrooms or physical education locker rooms.

The presence of cameras is designed to serve as an added deterrent to fights and other misbehavior, vandalism and violence. Video recordings also provide powerful evidence in disciplinary or criminal investigations.

Student Parking Privileges at Mohonasen High School

Students with a valid driver’s license who wish to apply for a parking permit should request an application from the School Resource Officer when they become available in September. A non-refundable fee of $5 if required to receive a permit. As spaces are limited, permits are granted first to seniors and then to juniors. Within each grade level, permits are granted on a lottery basis. Eligible students who do not receive permits are placed o n a waiting list and granted a space when one becomes available. Sophomores and freshmen are not permitted to drive to school.

Students should be aware that student parking is a privilege, not a right. Chronic attendance problems and/or disciplinary issues will result in suspension/revocation of parking privileges. Students may park only in their designated space in the student parking lot. Cars parked in areas other than the student lot or on campus without a valid parking permit, may be towed at the owners expense. Students are not allowed to return to their car during the school day without prior permission. Sitting, eating or smoking in the vehicle – even during lunch periods – is strictly prohibited during the school day. Student drivers are expected to abide by the 15 mph speed limit on school property and report to homeroom by 7:38 p.m.