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Parent Brag Sheet for College Recommendation

OPTION 1: Write a letter of recommendation for your son/ daughter for their HS counselor

OPTION 2:  On a separate piece of paper, answer the questions below and share brief stories/give specific examples about instances when your son/daughter displayed the traits you are describing below.

Parent Brag Sheet for: ___________________________
(first and last name of student)

Parent Name:___________________________

Tell me a story about your child’s past that has relevance to who they are now and their current direction in life/areas of interest.

In what areas has you child shown the most development and growth during the past three to four years?  Describe a particular challenge which s/he handled effectively.

What do you feel makes your child unique/different from others their age?  What sets them apart?

If you had to describe your son/daughter in three to five adjectives, what would they be and why?  (Give examples of when s/he showed these traits/tell us a story)

Are there any unusual or personal circumstances, which have affected your child’s educational or personal experiences?