main content starts hereHigh School Graduation Requirements

Requirements for graduation can be divided into two categories, credits and exams. Students are required to earn 22 credits, including a mandatory core curriculum of 18.5 credits, in order to graduate. Students also are required to pass a minimum of five New York State Regents Exams. There are additional courses and exam requirements for an Advanced Regents Diploma.

  • 4 credits in English
  • 4 credits in social studies
  • 3 credits in math
  • 3 credits in science
  • 1/2 credit in health
  • 1 credit in world language
  • 1 credit in art or music
  • 2 credits in physical ed.

Minimum 22 credits

Regents Diploma

  • Minimum score of 65 required on all exams listed below:
  • 1 Math Regents
  • 1 Science Regents
  • 1 Social Studies
  • English Regents

AND at least one of the following:

  • Humanities Pathway: a second social studies Regents or state-approved alternative
  • STEM Pathway: a second science Regents, second math Regents or a state-approved alternative
  • Bi-literacy (Language other than English) Pathway: completion of a world language sequence and state-approved world language checkpoint B assessment
  • CTE Pathway: completion of a state-approved CTE program and assessment
  • Arts Pathway: completion of an arts sequence including a minimum of 54 WBL Hours, Employability Profile, & Career Plan
  • CDOS Pathway: completion of 2 credits of CTE, 54 WBL Hours, Employability Profile, & Career Plan

Advanced Regents Diploma

  • All of the above exams plus additional tests listed below, with minimum score of 65 required
  • 2 additional math Regents exams
  • 1 additional science Regents exam
  • 4 credits in world language OR a five-unit sequence in art, music, business, technology, family and consumer sciences, or career and technical education (CTE)
  • World language Regents exam (if completing a foreign language sequence)

Students who have a 90 or better average for all of their Regents exams will be awarded a “with honors” distinction with their Regents or Advanced Regents Diplomas.

Local Diploma

A local diploma is only available to students with disabilities. See our Special Education page for details.