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Credits Required for Advancement

Students need to meet specific academic requirements to advance to each grade level. They are as follows:

  • Sophomore: A student must earn a minimum of 4 credits. One of these credits must be in English or global studies.
  • Junior: Students must have a minimum of 8.5 credits. These must include at least two credits in English or social studies, and at least one in the other; and at least one credit in each math and science.
  • Senior: Students must be able to be scheduled to graduate. Students also must have two units of credit in math as they are not allowed to take two math courses simultaneously.

Dropping a Course

It is important that students choose courses carefully since dropping courses after school begins is very difficult. It requires permission from both the parent and the school and often causes scheduling problems. Dropping a course required for graduation is never permitted. However, in extreme cases it may be necessary to drop a course. If this is the case, it is the student’s responsibility to get a level change/drop form from the teacher and procure signatures from the teacher, counselor, academic administrator, parent, and principal in the order they appear on the form. Students are allowed to drop a course up to 12 weeks into a full-year course and up to seven weeks into a semester course. However, this is only if they can still maintain 6.5 credits (or 5.5 credits for seniors). There will be no indication on their transcript if all guidelines are followed.

Adding a Course

Students are only able to add a course during the first 12 days of the semester/school year. This timeframe encompasses two rotations of A-F days. It has been shown that students adding a course after this time are unable to make up the work that has been missed.

Requests and Non–Requests for Teachers

A student or parent may relay a preference for a particular teacher, but this in no way guarantees that the match will work when student schedules are created. There are simply too many variables when it comes to scheduling students, courses, and teachers to be able to promise a particular teacher. Students and parents may put in a non–request for a particular teacher if the student and/or sibling has had the teacher before. However, there is no guarantee that a non–request can always be honored, for the same reasons outlined above.

Early Graduation

Students wishing to complete their graduation requirements either one year or one semester early need to see their counselor the year before. They also will need to submit a letter signed by themselves and their parent to their counselor for presentation to the principal.

Honor Societies

Mohonasen High School sponsors several honor societies. They are National Honor Society, French Honor Society, Science Honor Society, Spanish Honor Society, Math Honor Society, Tri-M Music Honor Society, and National Business Honor Society. Eligibility is based on grade level and very specific academic and extra-curricular criteria.

Honor Rolls

Honor rolls are calculated at the end of each marking period. All grades, except PE, are counted toward the grade point average. Students with failing or incomplete grades are not eligible for honor roll regardless of their average.