main content starts hereStudent-centered morning programs bring monthly excitement to Bradt

| February 24, 2016

From dancing up a storm to the “Birthday Boogie” with school administrators to demonstrating what they’ve been learning in class to the audience, students at Bradt Primary School always have plenty to look forward to at the school’s monthly morning programs. Students, teachers and families alike have been enjoying new enhancements this school year to Bradt’s morning program celebrations including greater levels of student involvement and meaningful ties to lessons echoed in classrooms throughout the school.

Every month, Bradt students attend grade-specific morning program assemblies where they perform songs from music class, participate in educational activities with faculty and staff members, cheer on their peers as they receive character awards and celebrate students with birthdays in each respective month—with proud families and teachers watching in the audience.

“I have been with Mohonasen for nine years and have been involved with the morning program since day one,” music teacher Renee Poutre said. “It’s something that’s ever-evolving.”

The Morning Program Committee, composed of Mrs. Poutre, guidance counselor Brenda Riehlman and representatives from each grade level and special education, collaborates with Bradt teachers to structure each month’s morning program components around a theme or lesson shared in classrooms across the school.

“These morning programs could not happen without the dedication of the committee members,” Assistant Principal Laurel Jones said.

February’s morning programs taught students about dental health and nutrition. Faculty members guided students as they demonstrated healthy choices in front of their peers to the cheers of the audience and a visiting “tooth fairy,” and teachers aim to emphasize the program’s lessons in their own classrooms to ensure that students take home the each month’s messages.

“The morning programs are great venues for students to practice their public speaking skills, communication skills and positive behavior in front of a large audience,” Ms. Riehlman said. “Furthermore, they’re wonderful opportunities for us to strengthen the home-school connection, as we welcome families to celebrate with us.”

Kindergarten and first-grade morning programs are structured similarly. All classes have the opportunity to share something with the audience, such as a song, poem or lesson they have focused on in the classroom during the month. Additionally, teachers honor each student as a VIP once during the year, inviting the student to take the stage and share his or her name, the names of any family members in the audience and why they love Bradt.

Second-grade students have experienced a unique twist on this format during this school year: Each month, their classes take turns at emceeing the entire assembly. With guidance from classroom teachers, Ms. Riehlman and Mrs. Poutre, the students carefully prepare for each month’s activities to ensure the assemblies run smoothly.

“We’ve been working to make the morning programs truly student-centered events,” Principal Michele Whitley said. “They are special experiences here at Bradt that draw together our community of students, teachers and families.”