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The Mohonasen Central School District’s website is an opportunity for the school district and its staff to showcase learning, events, activities and accomplishments of staff and students to the world through the Internet. It is also a direct informational link to parents and community members. Creators and/or authors of webpages on the Mohonasen website need to familiarize themselves with, and adhere to, the following website regulations in order to receive and retain authoring privileges on the district website. For the purposes of these regulations, “district website” and district “webpages” refer to all the pages housed within the district’s website on the server used by the district.

Content Standards
  1. Any webpage that is created, other than those maintained by the district webmaster or communications coordinator, must be maintained by a member of the district faculty, staff or administration (unless special permission is given by the district superintendent). Students may not author webpages on the Mohonasen website. This person is responsible for the content, currency and maintenance of this page or pages. The webpage(s) must include the author’s name and a hyperlink to his/her e-mail address in the footer.
  2. Staff may not publish or maintain any personal webpages or webpages for other individuals or organizations not directly affiliated with the district as part of the district’s website.
  3. All pages should be free of spelling and grammatical errors. It is the webpage author’s responsibility to proofread all material before it is posted on the website. Should errors be missed, they should be fixed immediately upon discovery.
  4. All content on the district website must relate to education, curriculum, instruction, school-authorized activities and athletics, school or district news or general information relating to work, activities and accomplishments of the district and its staff, as representatives of the district. Student work can only be
    published by the teacher/staff member who is responsible for authoring that page or pages.
  5. The following statement should be part of the footer on every district webpage, including teacher/staff pages:
    “This page is maintained by author’s name (hyperlinked to e-mail address) according to Mohonasen Central School District Web publishing regulations. The district is not responsible for facts or opinions contained on any linked site. © 2008 All rights reserved.”
  6. Commercial advertising or marketing on any district, school, classroom or teacher webpage (or the use of school-affiliated webpages for the pursuit of personal or financial gain) is prohibited unless otherwise authorized by the superintendent of schools. School-affiliated webpages may mention outside organizations, but only in the context of school programs that have a direct relationship to those organizations (e.g., sponsorship of an activity, student community service project).
  7. All teacher/staff webpages on the Mohonasen website must be approved by the district Webmaster, through the designated process outlined on page 4 of this document, before being posted to the district website.
  8. Web authors who link to external websites are required to check the appropriateness and currency of all external links contained on their webpage(s). If the link is or becomes broken, outdated or otherwise inappropriate, the teacher/staff member must unlink that page from his/her page.
  9. Webpages may not contain objectionable material, any material that does not meet the content criteria as defined above, that is defined as objectionable in the district’s website policies or links directly to objectionable material, websites containing objectionable material or personal webpages that do not relate to the district and/or education.
  10. Webpages may not contain any detailed maps, floor plans or “virtual tours” of district buildings.
  11. Teacher/staff webpages will be deleted when a teacher retires or leaves the district unless other arrangements are made.
  12. Teachers/staff who wish to use external Web tools (e.g., blogging tools) must first consult the district webmaster.
Technical Standards
  1. Teachers/staff members who author a webpage or pages must use the templates provided by the district. The template design may not be altered in any way. All text, graphics, links and other content added by the teacher/staff member should be placed in the editable content section of the template. All
    colors and text styles provided with the template must be maintained.
  2. Any page a teacher/staff member creates must be saved within, and only in, the Web folder provided to that individual.
  3. All pages on the district website, including those authored by teachers/staff members, will conform to New York State standards on website accessibility (New York State OFT Policy, P04-002, Accessibility of State Agency Web-based Intranet and Internet Information and Applications).
  4. All photos should be sized properly in an outside program (e.g., Microsoft Office Picture Manager or Adobe Photoshop) and should be saved at a resolution of 72 dpi. Large photos or graphics should be avoided. All images and graphics should be saved in the appropriate “images” folder. Each teacher/staff member’s folder will contain its own images folder.
  5. Webpages should not contain links to pages that are not yet completed.
  6. Any sound or video used on the district website must first be approved by the district webmaster.
Safeguarding Student Privacy & Publishing Student Information
  1. Webpages may not communicate students’ contact information, including telephone numbers, addresses or e-mail addresses. Any inclusion of student information on the district’s website must adhere to the district’s policy regarding release of student “directory information,” which states that the district may
    release a student’s name, grade, school, address (as appropriate), photograph, participation in officially recognized activities or sports, and any honors or awards received without prior parental permission. This information (including students’ names and photographs) may be used on the district website, as long as the district does not have a written request from a parent/guardian barring its release. Parents who object to the disclosure of their child’s directory information should notify BOTH the superintendent of schools and their child’s building principal — in writing — on or before September 15 of each school year.
  2. Webpages should not include any information that indicates the physical location of a student at a given time, other than attendance at a particular school or participation in school-related activities.
  3. Any student information communicated via the Mohonasen website will comply with district policies on data privacy and public use of school records.
  4. In accordance with the district’s policy regarding release of student “directory information,” staff members do not need to and should not seek parental permission to include student directory information on the district’s website.
Safeguarding Staff Privacy & Publishing Staff Information
  1. Webpages may include faculty or staff names; however other personal information about employees, including but not limited to telephone numbers, addresses and personal e-mail addresses, may not be included on any district webpages.
  2. Under no circumstances should a teacher/staff member give students his/her website username or password.
Use of Copyrighted Materials/Fair Use/Intellectual Property
  1. All employees and students are prohibited from copying materials not specifically allowed by copyright law, “Fair Use” guidelines, licenses or contractual agreements or the permission of the copyright proprietor. Webpages must include a statement of copyright when appropriate and indicate that permission has been secured when including copyrighted materials that such publication is in accordance with the “Fair Use” provisions of the copyright law.
  2. Fair use provisions allow for copyrighted material to be used for the purpose of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship or research. However, information on a website—including teacher or student projects—may not be covered by these provisions because they could be widely disseminated due to the fact that they are available on the Internet. Therefore, anyone who is authorized to author a page on the Mohonasen website should obtain permission of the copyright holder before posting copyrighted information on the district’s website. This includes information that may be part of a teacher/ student project.
  3. Unless otherwise noted, always assume that work (including photographs, text, music and graphics) on the Internet is copyrighted. It is NOT necessary that the copyright symbol (©) be displayed for the work to be protected by copyright laws.
  4. Proper attribution must always be given per the organization or the individual.
  5. Obtaining permission from the copyright holder should occur during the developmental process or project, rather than waiting to seek permission upon completion of the project.
  6. Unauthorized electronic transmission of copyrighted materials is illegal.
  7. Any permission obtained from a copyright holder for text, pictures, graphics, music or other copyrighted material used on the district website should be given to the district webmaster.
Social Media
  1. Social media is defined as any form of online publication or presence that allows end users to engage in multi-directional conversations in or around the content on a website (Source: Online Matters). Examples of social media include, but are not limited to: Facebook, MySpace, Ning, Twitter, Second Life, YouTube, blogs and wikis.
  2. Any teacher/staff member wishing to use social media for the purposes of disseminating information relating to education, curriculum, instruction, school-authorized activities and athletics, school or district news or general information relating to work, activities and accomplishments of the district and its staff, as representatives of the district, must first consult and receive clearance from the district webmaster and/or communications coordinator.
  3. Social media pages/content should adhere to all of the district’s Web publishing regulations as outlined in this document.
  4. Social media pages must be linked off of a webpage that has been created using the district’s webpage templates. Teachers/staff members who wish to use social media for school/class purposes (as outlined above) must complete a Guided Work Session as outlined in the district’s Web publishing regulations.
  5. Social media used for personal use may not be linked off of the district website, including staff/teacher webpages.
  6. Teachers/staff members who use social media for classroom/school purposes and therefore identify themselves as a Mohonasen employee should ensure that their profile and related content is consistent with how they wish to present themselves to colleagues, parents, students and community members.
  7. Pictures/video of students should not be posted on social media websites without permission from with the district webmaster/communications coordinator.
  8. Photos/videos of colleagues should not be posted on social media websites without their permission.
  9. Teachers/staff members should monitor any comments posted to social media pages that they have created for classroom/school purposes. Anyone with concerns about the appropriateness of comments should contact the communications office.
  10. Last names, address and phone numbers of students should never be posted on social media websites.
  11. Confidential information should never be posted online.
Ownership and Retention

All webpages on the Mohonasen website, including district, school, classroom and teacher pages, are the property of the school district.

Any Mohonasen staff member who has a teacher webpage is expected to adhere to all of the above-mentioned regulations. Failure to do so may result in the teacher/staff member’s webpage being unlinked from the district website and may result in the teacher/staff member’s website privileges being rescinded.