main content starts hereSpecial education classes take a look into the world of technology

| January 21, 2016

On Jan. 11, Mohonasen High School students from Mrs. Restifo’s grades 9-12 special education classes participated in an in-school field trip to visit the technology department and meet with the high school robotics team. Members of the robotics team spend the entire school year building a robot that can complete a number of different tasks in competitions against local and international robotics teams.

The field trip included a demonstration of the tasks the robot would typically perform in a competition setting, including driving the robot and maneuvering external objects around a playing field. The visiting students were given the opportunity to personally manipulate the robot to mimic these movements. The visiting students were also able to learn about the technology department’s 3-D printer and get an up-close look at objects and parts designed and printed by students.

Jacob Montenieri, co-captain of the robotics team, spoke positively about his experiences interacting with Mrs. Restifo’s students during their field trip. “It was incredible to see the classes and their enthusiasm about what we do,” he said.

MohonBots member teaching a student how to operate a robot Students view a 3-D printer and laser cutter 3-D printed part designed by technology students