main content starts hereSixth graders take a voyage through history to bring the Titanic to life

| November 22, 2016

Partaking in a Draper tradition in its sixth year, sixth-grade students celebrated the culmination of their studies on the tragedy of the Titanic during Titanic Day in November.

Throughout the unit, the sixth graders developed their understanding of primary and secondary sources, alongside written facts and opinions, as they delved into nonfiction articles about the famous historical event. Students were tasked with researching a real passenger and creating a presentation to share their discoveries with their classmates.

As a reward for their hard work, students and teachers were able to don historical garb during Titanic Day as they feasted and reenacted scenes that might have occurred on the voyage. Students presented authentic tickets to “board” the celebratory event and sat first-class and second-class sections to dine. First-class tables were adorned with lace tableclothes, faux champagne glasses, and ornate floral and candelabra centerpieces. The second-class setting was less formal, and the third-class tables offered only plates and napkins for attendees. The food served was inspired by original menus recovered from the Titanic. Alongside their feast, students were treated to entertainment performed by student orchestra members featuring the actual music that was played on the ship while it was sinking.

Additional photos from the event can be foundĀ by accessing our Facebook page.