main content starts hereSixth graders participate in Titanic Day

| May 14, 2015

Did you know the sinking of the Titanic occurred more than 100 years ago? Sixth-graders recently recognized one of the most historical tragedies to ever occur during the teachers’ fourth Titanic Day since 2012. The event followed students research into the identities of the passengers, types of food served and activities offered on the ship. Students conducted research using primary and secondary sources while comparing and contrasting works. They shared their knowledge with each other by dressing up as a passenger of their choice and speaking about their identity, sharing treats that would have been served on the ship and participating in activities, such as shuffle board, cards, chess, checkers, reading and listening to authentic music from the era. Sixth grade teachers began offering this interdisciplinary unit, which incorporates the subjects of science, social studies and English language arts, in 2012 during the 100th anniversary of the sinking. Medieval day is up next!