main content starts hereRoutes for Friday’s Car Parade; remember social distancing

| April 3, 2020

Mohonasen teachers are excited to see students from a distance as they parade around the district Friday, April 3. The two routes begin at the high school at 11 a.m., in order to cover as much of the district as possible. We realize the route does not go down every street, but we did our best to add as many areas as possible.

If your road is not on the parade route, you may consider driving to a location along the route, but you must remain in your cars in order to practice social distancing. Please abide by the following:

  • Remind students about social distancing. We want everyone to stay healthy and the only way to do that at this time is to maintain a distance of at least six feet from others. We will be sure to respect this distance and we want our students to do the same.
  • Wear Mohonasen colors with pride! Dress up in your craziest and best orange and black – show us Mohon Proud!
  • Wave your signs! We love to see our students be Mohon Proud!
  • Have fun (safely)!

Route 1

  1. Start at Mohonasen High School leaving from the back entrance
  2. Right on Helderberg Ave
  3. Continue on Helderberg through the main intersection (Dunkin, Hess, Stewart’s)
  4. Left on Cedarlawn Ave
  5. Right on Roselawn Ave
  6. Left on Westside Ave
  7. RIght on Oaklawn Ave
  8. Left on Laura St.
  9. Left on Pauline Ave
  10. Right on Irene St
  11. Left on Guilderland Ave
  12. Immediate right on Draper Ave
  13. Left on Plunkett Ave
  14. Right on Cramer Ave (1st Right)
  15. Left on Broadway
  16. Immediate right on Melrose St
  17. Left on Woodbridge Ave
  18. Right on Kenmore Ave
  19. Right on Wellington Ave
  20. Right on Edgewood Ave
  21. Right on Broadway
  22. Bear right on Princetown Rd
  23. Left on Burnett St
  24. Left on Mariaville Rd.
  25. Very quick right on Phillip St (almost going straight)
  26. Left on Duanesburg Rd
  27. Bear right onto Curry Rd
  28. Right on Vinewood Blvd
  29. Right on Sunrise Blvd
  30. Right on Guilderland Ave
  31. Left on Miles Standish Rd
  32. Right on Merritt Dr
  33. Left on Miles Standish Rd
  34. Right on Helderberg Ave
  35. Left onto Mohonasen campus

Route 2

  1. Start at Mohonasen High School
  2. Right on Curry Rd
  3. Right on Ft Hunter Rd
  4. Left on Barber Ave
  5. Right on Fayette Dr
  6. Continue onto Owen Rd (go straight)
  7. Right on Ft Hunter Rd to light
  8. Straight onto Greenpoint Ave
  9. Right on Marlette St
  10. Left on Rensselaer Ave
  11. Right on Deforest Ave
  12. Left on Clement Rd
  13. Right on Caldicott Rd
  14. Left on Hamburg St
  15. Right on Central Ave
  16. Right on Long Ave
  17. Left on Shereen Ct
  18. Right on Sean Dr
  19. Right on Tower Ave
  20. Right on Chrisler Ave
  21. Hard right on Chapel St
  22. Right on Hamburg St
  23. Left on Third St
  24. Right on Third Ave
  25. Right on 6th St
  26. Left on E. Campbell Rd
  27. Left on Highbridge Rd
  28. RIght on Peter Rd
  29. Right on Kings Rd
  30. Right on St. Joseph St.
  31. Left on St Anne St.
  32. Left on St. Marie St.
  33. Left on Kings Rd
  34. Left on Highbridge Rd
  35. Right on E. Palmer Ave
  36. Left on Mercer Ave
  37. Right on Highbridge Rd
  38. Rt. onE Campbell Rd
  39. Left on William St
  40. Left on Hamburg St
  41. Right at circle onto Curry Rd back to Mohonasen