main content starts hereRenovations at high school major part of summer capital project work

| July 5, 2016

Center for Advanced Technology opens in September; construction ongoing  at transportation facility

School may be out for summer, but work around the district continues.

Several high school projects underway were outlined in Phase 3 of the capital project approved by voters in November 2013. Among these:

  • Classroom renovations to create modern science rooms that meet state requirements for size (some of the current ones do not) and allow for more hands-on, group projects;
  • Five-classroom addition to make up for space lost during science room renovations;
  • Locker room addition/athletic-wing reconfiguration that makes the space more functional for athletes and spectators, as well as meets federal Title IX requirements;
  • Lighting and sound system upgrades in the auditorium;
  • Some office space renovation as a result of the additions.

Work on these projects is expected to be finished by the end of the 2016-17,  said Assistant Superintendent for Business Chris Ruberti.

As the Center for Advanced Technology at Mohonasen closes in on its September 2016 opening, crews have been working steadily to install cabinetry and lighting and put the final touches on classrooms and laboratory spaces. Equipment and furniture will be installed in early August.

Work also continues at the new transportation facility, which is being constructed on land near the Center for Advanced Technology. Building the facility on this land, purchased with voter approval in 2010, enables the district to receive state aid on both the land purchase and the construction. The new facility will include six service bays and a bus wash, helping the district to better maintain the bus fleet.

“Construction at the transportation facility is on track, and we are looking toward occupying the new space by November,” said Ruberti.

Additional items to be completed at the high school as part of Phase C of the capital project include:

  • Upgrades to electric feed and switchboard
  • Sidewalk and paving work
  • Replacement of various aging ceilings
  • Replacement of cloth wiring throughout building
  • Exterior masonry work
  • Replacement of aging air and heating units
  • Replacement of pool filter

A majority of work has been completed to modernize district-wide instructional technology and install wireless upgrades. As the project continues, there are also plans for phone upgrades and improvements to the projection systems. (See story on Smart Schools.)

Mohonasen High School:

Renovations to the high school stage and curtains are complete. The football field has been converted to synthetic turf, which will prolong the life of the field and better accommodate the needs of athletic teams and the marching band.

Draper Middle School

Renovations to guidance and the main office offer greater privacy for students and using the space more efficiently.

Updates and renovations to the cafeteria and surrounding bathrooms as well as the second floor special education rooms make the space work better for teachers and students.

Pinewood Intermediate School

Renovations to the psychology and speech offices, as well as storage spaces, make these areas more functional.

An addition and renovations in the gymnasium created a larger meeting space for students and staff to gather indoors and created more space for physical education.

A cafeteria addition relieves congestion in the serving line and creates more seating space.

Bradt Primary School

Improvements to Bradt’s entryway and renovations to the cafeteria serving area are complete.

Building Condition Survey Items

Every five years, Mohonasen conducts a formal building audit, which is submitted to the state, to identify areas that require repair, replacement or renovation based on health and safety needs. This audit is updated annually on a more informal basis by the district’s director of facilities. These are items that will need to be addressed in one way or another in the coming years. By including them in a capital project, Mohonasen is eligible to receive state aid to assist in the cost. The capital project outlined here includes approximately $2.5 million in Building Condition Survey items.

The following items have been completed:

Draper Middle School

  • Replacement of aging and sagging corridor ceilings
  • Updates to stairway doors to meet fire code
  • Exterior masonry work
  • Replacement of old, inefficient windows
  • Replacement of cafeteria air handling unit, which is 40+ years old

Pinewood Intermediate School

  • Improvements to outdoor lighting
  • Replacement of aging ceilings, doors and hardware
  • Exterior masonry work
  • Renovations to heating and water system to tie them into newer hot water heater; old heater removed

Bradt Primary School

  • Replacement of aging ceilings in E Wing
  • Replacement of carpets in kindergarten classrooms that are buckling and present a tripping hazard
  • Replacement of cracked flooring in the kindergarten wing
  • Replacement of eight exterior doors, hot water tank and two bathrooms, which are 50+ years old
  • Replacement of cracked, leaking skylights
  • Asbestos abatement/replacement of gym floor
  • Replacement of exhaust fans and HVAC in the counselor’s office, which don’t meet code requirements