main content starts herePrincipal letter to MHS parents

| March 20, 2020

Dear Parents and Guardians,

I hope this letter finds you well, and secure in all your needs. We are attempting to blaze a trail through a very dense and ever-changing forest of precautions taken to prevent the further spread of COVID-19. At this point we are looking forward to providing continuity of instruction. Enclosed you will find an outline of this plan. Along with this plan are two introductory videos, one for students, and one for parents

This will be different from what you have experienced thus far. Up to this point teachers have provided resources and suggested activities so that students could engage with self-directed review and skill-building. Now we will begin new instruction, delivered via an online platform and with virtual connection to teachers.

School work during this time will most likely be collected, and assessed. However, we are cognizant of the fact that this continuity of instruction does not replicate an actual classroom experience. Thus, new assignments will not adversely affect students’ grades. There is an exception, and this is for AP and college courses. Those courses are transferring to a virtual platform as well, but are continuing in grading and preparation for requisite exams and college credits.

It is important that students engage with this plan in earnest, as the days and hours we lose we cannot get back! Students who do not engage with this work will most likely experience gaps in knowledge and skill, and they may find it difficult to catch up later.

There will most likely be unforeseen obstacles along our way, and we will adjust this plan as necessary. Parents can assist by helping their child set a regular schedule within which to engage with their classes and teachers via Google Classroom, using their school-issued Chromebook. Most students should engage in learning activities for three hours per school day.

Like many of us, your child is probably confused, disappointed, frustrated, and increasingly anxious. Seniors, in particular, are worried about milestone activities (e.g. the prom) that may have to be cancelled. Students should know that to the extent possible we will adjust and adapt with the hopes of holding any of these events either in a different format or at a different time. The high school community will attempt to normalize this experience as much as possible and we will continue to be available to you to answer questions and concerns.


Craig P. Chandler
Principal, Mohonasen High School

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