main content starts herePinewood raises $440 through Box Tops for Education

| November 16, 2018

Nov. 16, 2018

After collecting Box Tops of Education during the summer and fall, students at Pinewood Elementary have raised $440 – almost halfway to their $1,000 goal. The following people from Pinewood are November’s drawing winners:

  • Jakob Richardson, Grade 3
  • Mrs. Kuebler
  • Deana Hack, Grade 3
  • Mrs. Pangman
  • Dean Travis, Grade 3
  • Ms. Varley
  • Alexis Crux, Grade 4
  • Mrs. Evans
  • Gavin Decker, Grade 5
  • Ms. Walter

Student winners stand before a bulletin board, smiling.

There will be another drawing in the future. To help reach Pinewood’s goal, visit to see which products qualify. Remember, Box Tops are collected all year long. Any money collected supports supplies and equipment for students.

In other fundraising news:

  • Hannaford Helps Schools and Price Choppers’ Tools for Schools programs are in full swing. Students brought home a letter regarding these programs. Hannaford School dollars are due to Pinewood by Wednesday, Dec. 5 and Price Chopper’s program runs until Saturday, Dec. 29. Read more information here.
  • Tyson Project A+ Program: Send in any qualifying labels and our school will receive .24 cents for each.
  • Coca-Cola Give is the school’s newest partner. Read more about how products you purchase can support Pinewood. You can either enter the product code at the website or send qualifying codes to school for submission.

If you have any questions about any of these fundraising programs, please contact Mrs. Kline at Pinewood School,