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About the Program

Mohonasen’s Mo-Tech provides relevant, non-traditional learning opportunities in the areas of criminal justice, television production and journalism, business, child development, engineering and robotics, and medical technology. These specialized electives combine classroom instruction with hands-on learning and community connections that expose students to various college and career options.

The Mohonasen Mo-Tech program doesn’t just teach students about being a security officer, a journalist, a teacher or an engineer – it offers students a chance to BE a security officer, journalist, teacher or engineer. Students in this program are required to have the curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking skills just like they would if they were working in the “real world.” Students also learn what it is like to be part of a team and, in many cases, part of a community.

Teachers involved in each Mo-Tech program work together as a team so that each teacher’s expertise serves to strengthen the courses and benefit every student in each program. While teachers are responsible for their individual classes, each team works together to plan and consult on curriculum and lessons. Teachers within each program may come into any of the classes in the respective program to conduct lessons or help students with a project from time to time. Classes may also go on join field trips and share guest speakers.

Mohonasen High School currently has the following Mo-Tech program strands:

Criminal Justice

The Mo-Tech Criminal Justice Program has been designed for Mohonasen students interested in pursuing careers related to criminal justice and law enforcement. It prepares students to enter post-secondary education in these fields or go straight to the work force. Possible careers related to this program include: law enforcement at local, state or federal levels, court or security officer, corrections or environmental officer, military police officer, bail enforcement agent, private investigator, forensic technician among others. Students may earn up to six articulation credits through SCCC upon completion of this program.

Emerging technologies

These courses prepare students for various technology pathways. Students develop skills in several areas including: creative problem solving, 3-D sketching and industrial design. Students will cover units in construction technology, woodworking, machining and manufacturing, design process, computer-aided drafting and design (CAD), robotics, automation, nanotechnology, alternative energy, electronics and aerospace and flight.

Medicine & Health

This is the newest Mo-Tech strand, which currently includes courses in physical education, sports medicine, and sports marketing and business. Students are exposed to a variety of hands-on, practical opportunities involving many different aspects of sports studies, athletics and health. They are also given several opportunities to practice their core studies skills, including math, science and ELA. Students in this program may also complete an internship their senior year.

Media Arts

This program is designed for students interested in pursuing careers related to video production, music production, video editing, communications, journalism, broadcasting, theater arts, film, script writing, acting, graphic design and a variety of other careers. It gives students practical, hands-on opportunities to learn about the equipment and processes related to the careers above as well as involvement in a variety of projects that benefit the Mohonasen school community.


​The goal of the music department is to give students the opportunity to find a richer life by guiding them to a better understanding of music. There are valuable courses offered in several areas of music. All students, regardless of skill level, are encouraged to participate.

Career Exploration Internship Program in Child Development

This is a one-year, unpaid, 108-hour internship for students interested in becoming teachers. Students are placed in a classroom at Bradt Primary School, Pinewood Elementary School, or Draper Middle School. Students experience all aspects of the teaching profession, helping to improve their teamwork, leadership, and human relations skills. Students fill out time sheets, journals, and work on related activities like researching educational trends.

Career Exploration Internship Program in Business & Marketing

This is a one-year, unpaid, 108-hour internship has three options: working at the Mohonasen High School Trading Post; working for the First New York Credit Union; or an outside placement at a local business. At the Trading Post, students learn about all aspects of retail operation, including buying, selling, promotions, cash controls, inventory controls, advertising and design. Credit Union interns are actually hired by First New York and learn how to be a bank teller and member service representative. And for the outside placements, students work with mentors in their chosen area of interest.

Dimensions of Fitness and Sport

This advanced physical education course is designed to introduce students to the latest trends and career pathways in the sports and fitness worlds. This course will focus on health-related fitness and lifelong sports units and activities. Many different career pathways in these fields will be explored. Health-related fitness units will involve exercise activities that are done in order to try to improve physical health and improve longevity. Activities will be focused on improving cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength and endurance, flexibility and body composition.

In addition to these units, students will perform various group fitness activities. Upon conclusion of these units students will be able to design and implement a personalized workout plan. Students will also participate in various lifetime sports and activities. During these units students will be able to develop a higher understanding of each sport and focus on strategies and game play, teaching cues, tournament setup and execution, and facilities management. Students will be graded on a high standard of daily participation, keeping an accurate notebook, quarterly quizzes, and projects.

Personal Training

In this class units are focused on the different areas of personal training in a variety of areas such as: free weights, resistance bands, kettlebells, medicine ball training, stability ball training, and various other aspects of cardiovascular fitness, flexibility and body composition. Students will become experienced in not only performing these activities but also visit different aspects of the personal training profession. Other related topics also include nutrition, diet, and the supplement industry. As the course progresses students will also examine job opportunities in society related to athletics. Students will be expected to keep a notebook to track personal progress and note taking. There will be a high standard of participation in all activities and written work may be required.

Mo-Tech strands are fields in which students have shown interest, and in many cases are also fields that the business community has said are lacking a critical mass of trained professionals.

Mo-Tech classes are typically small, giving students the ability to work together. Students also interact with adults in new and different ways, ranging from the “team” approach where the teacher is part of something produced by the class (like a television broadcast), to community-based relationships established through the field trips and internships.

These programs are also centered on topics that are driven by student interest and choice, which will ensure that they are sustained over time. Research indicates that students who are engaged in school are more likely to learn, find the experience rewarding, graduate, and pursue higher education.

Mohonasen leaders believe that this model of learning – real-world experiences combined with classroom learning – is a 21st century learning model that will greatly benefit every single student involved.

As the district looks to expand and improve programs through more business and community partnerships, field trips, guest speakers and increasingly modern materials and lessons, a main focus of this program will always be helping students see the relevance of school and continually improving their curiosity, critical thinking and creativity. These are skills that will never become obsolete. These are skills that will turn 21st century students into 21st century lifelong learners.

The Mo-Tech learning model has these main components:

Special electives are taught by certified teachers. These courses incorporate traditional academics (math, science, social studies, etc.) into lessons specific to the many aspects of each subject area. They blend classroom learning with hands-on, project-based instruction.

A program facilitator who has experience in and connections to the “real world.” For this aspect of the program, the district has tapped into the expertise of various existing staff members – like the director of security or communications coordinator – who work with the teacher. This model helps students gain access to resources and knowledge that aren’t typically available in more traditional classroom settings. Facilitators advise on curriculum, assist in class projects and use their connections in the field to organize guest speakers and field trips.

Field trips are taken to local sites and guest presentations are given by experts in the various fields throughout the school year. These experiences not only open students’ eyes to post high school opportunities, but they help the students make professional contacts that are invaluable after graduation.

Programs include the opportunity for internships and senior projects that provide extended exposure and experiences in the various fields for students in their senior year.