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The “Pass” Program

Generally speaking, participation in interscholastic athletics has a positive impact on academic performance. However, in the event a student is failing two or three courses at either the interim reporting period or at the end of a marking period, they will automatically be placed on the “PASS Program.”

Students on the PASS Program will meet with the Athletic Director to review the expectations and requirements to continue participation in athletics. Students must stay after school every day and fill out a daily progress report that they submit to their coaches. A teacher’s signature indicating that the student completed his or her work is necessary for the form to be complete. These forms must be completed every day in order to remain eligible for their sport. At the completion of each week, teachers will submit a weekly progress report to the Athletic Director outlining the student’s progress in the classes they are currently failing. If reports indicate that no progress was made, then the student-athlete will be ineligible the following week. Eligibility runs week by week for the entire 5 weeks.

Students failing more than three courses are automatically ineligible to participate in athletics for a minimum of two weeks.

Interscholastic sports

Mohonasen fields a wide range of interscholastic sports teams each season.

Students are eligible to play four consecutive years of athletics in high school starting with the date of entry into ninth grade. Exceptional athletes in grades seven and eight may try out for a high school team but they will need to pass a fairly rigorous athletic test of ability in order to qualify to play at the high school level.

The modified teams for football, soccer, basketball, softball, swimming, wrestling, girls volleyball and baseball are limited to grades 7-8.

When a student is participating in a sport, they are automatically held under the Athletic Code of Conduct. Parent and student-athlete will sign an awareness form signifying their review of the Athletic Code of Conduct. This indicates they will respect and abide by the district’s standards of behavior for school athletes, which are spelled out on that form.

Fall Season:

  • Cheerleading – Varsity & JV
  • Cross Country – (Boys and Girls) – Varsity, JV & Frosh
  • Football – Varsity, JV & Modified
  • Golf – Varsity & JV
  • Soccer – (Boys & Girls) – Varsity, JV & Modified
  • Swimming – (Girls) – Varsity only
  • Tennis – (Girls) – Varsity only
  • Volleyball – (Boys) – JV
  • (Girls) – Varsity, JV & Modified

Winter Season:

  • Cheerleading – Varsity, JV & Frosh
  • Basketball – (Boys & Girls) – Varsity, JV, Frosh & Modified
  • Bowling – (Boys & Girls) – Varsity
  • Ice Hockey – Varsity only
  • Swimming – Boys Varsity & Modified Co-ed
  • Winter Track – (Boys & Girls) – Varsity, JV & Frosh
  • Wrestling – Varsity, JV & Modified

Spring Season:

  • Baseball – (Boys) – Varsity, JV,  Frosh & Modified
  • Softball – (Girls) – Varsity, JV & Modified
  • Track & Field – (Boys & Girls) – Varsity, JV & Modified
  • Tennis – (Boys) – Varsity only

Meet the Coaches Night

Meet the Coaches Night is held at the start of each season to provide parents with an opportunity to gain insight into the expectations and philosophies of our athletic program. Parents will have the chance to ask questions regarding their child’s athletic teams. One of the objectives of this night is to enhance the line of communication among all members of the Mohonasen athletic community.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone try out for a team?

All students are welcome to try out for a sport and many teams have no “cuts.”

In skills-intensive sports it is very difficult for a player with little or no experience to make a team. However, all students are still welcome to try out.

How can I find out when tryouts are being held or when a team starts practice?

Tryouts and/or practices start around the same time each year for most teams. In general, fall teams begin practice mid-August, winter teams begin early November and spring sports begin early March. Within each sport, varsity teams often begin practicing a week or two earlier than their JV and modified counterparts.

Announcements about tryouts are made in school and coaches hold preseason meetings to go over important information with prospective players.

Parents can find out about tryouts by visiting the athletics page on the Web at Parents are also encouraged to call the office of the Athletic Director (356-8270) for more information.

What are the rules about sports physicals…when do I need one…and where can I get one?

To play on a team, or even practice, students must — by law — have a sports physical on file with the school nurse. The physical must be dated within the past calendar year of the current sport season.

The physical can be performed by a student’s family doctor, but Mohonasen’s health physical form for Grades 6-12 — which is also available from the school nurse or online at—must be filled out.

Prior to each sports season, students also have the option of having a free sports physical performed by the school physician. Students will be given advanced notice throughout the year of the physical dates.

Students must obtain and complete a Sports Packet (provided by coaches prior to each sports season).

Note: In order for all students to participate on a school sports team, a Sports Health Update Form must be filled out, signed by a parent and turned in to the school nurse. This form can also be obtained from the school nurse or at

If you’re on a team, does that mean you get equal playing time…or for that matter, any playing time?

Rules about playing time vary from coach to coach, team to team and sport to sport.

In sports like track, for example, all students participate in at least one event at every meet. However, not every athlete travels to every special meet or invitational and students don’t get to choose the events they want to participate in.

At the modified level – where the emphasis is on developing ability – most coaches will try to play every student for at least some portion of each game. As students progress up the competitive ladder to varsity level teams, the emphasis is more and more on winning. No team member is guaranteed playing time.

Where can I get a copy of game schedules?

Mohonasen’s Athletic Office provides copies of season schedules to coaches who in turn give them to students to take home. Keep in mind, schedules do change so when in doubt, ask the coach or call the Athletic Office at (518) 356-8270.

Where can I get directions to away games?

Directions to high schools that Mohonasen competes against are printed in the Athletic Handbook that parents need to sign each season. Coaches also have directions to away games.

It’s important to confirm directions with the coach because games aren’t always played on the high school campus in every district.

As a PARENT of a high school athlete, what’s my recommended role?

Attend games, both home and away whenever possible. Be your son’s or daughter’s biggest fan.

Remember that all the research on why kids play sports indicates that most play for the sheer enjoyment of the game. Don’t put unnecessary pressure on your child to start, to star or to win a scholarship. Support them no matter what their role on the team may be. Model good sportsmanship at all games, both home and away, and keep the focus positive. Please cheer, but don’t jeer.

Support the decisions of the coach. If you have questions or concerns, please speak directly to the coach – not about the coach with your child.

When are students eligible for an athletic letter?

Students are eligible to receive a varsity letter when they successfully complete a season on a varsity team. After that, students may receive a varsity pin as well as other awards.

How are intramural programs advertised? Who can take part?

High school intramurals are offered on a regular basis throughout the school year during 10th period.

Offerings vary from month to month. Activities are publicized in physical education classes, on the morning announcements and via school bulletin boards. All students are encouraged to attend as their interest and schedules allow.

Who should I contact if I have other questions?

If you have any other questions about Mohonasen’s athletic -program, call the Athletic Office at (518) 356-8270.

Join a club! Get involved!

The Arrowhead

Advisor: Tara Halliday
Meetings: Once a week
The Arrowhead is the high school student newspaper. If you’re an aspiring writer or you like to draw or take photos, The Arrowhead is a great way to get hands-on experience, build a portfolio and have fun at the same time! Reporters and artists are always needed.

Members of The Arrowhead staff are expected to contribute one to three articles per paper – by the necessary deadlines. Examples of past articles include editorials, sports articles, school news stories, current events, trivia, advice columns and college spotlights. New ideas are always welcome.

Art Club

Advisor: Allison Vaughn
Meetings: Weekly
The art club is open to all students in grades 9-12. Meetings are held weekly to accommodate student schedules. The art club is an opportunity for students to explore the world of art in an atmosphere that is less rigorous than a formal academic program. Students will select and work on various small art projects throughout the year. The art club is focused on fund-raising to support Mohonasen Art Scholarships for graduating seniors pursuing a major in art at college.

Audio Visual Club

Advisor: Richard Burega
Meetings: As announced
The Audiovisual Club provides students with opportunities throughout the year to film and broadcast various
school events.

Color Guard

Advisor: Dan Jones
Meetings: Practice begins in July
Mohonasen’s Color Guard is open to students in grades 8-12. The Guard accompanies the Marching Band at competitive field shows and parades. Guard members add a bit of pizzazz to the band by flashing and twirling batons, flags and rifles and dancing while the band performs. Members also compete against other color guards in New York and beyond.

Students also have the option of participating in the Indoor Guard during the winter months. It is also possible for instrumental students to participate in Color Guard.

Students are usually asked to attend meetings before the school year is over and are expected to attend practices beginning in July and participating in Band Camp, held the last two weeks of August.

Fashion Club

Advisor: Christina Mathieu
Meetings: As announced
Explore the world of fashion in this club open to students in grades 9-12.

History Club

Advisors: Dennae Hughes, Tara Halliday
& Autumn Wallace

Meetings: Monthly
The History Club’s goal is to explore issues in World and American history through activities, movies, trips and discussions. Come and promote a deeper understanding of the world around us. Available to all high school students.


Advisor: Tina Mathieu
Meetings: Every other Monday
The Impressions staff helps design and create the high school literary magazine. Any student can join the staff, and all students (grades K-12) are -encouraged to submit their poetry, stories, tributes and artwork to the magazine. The Impressions staff chooses what will be published and is responsible for the design and production of the magazine. At the end of the year, it’s printed and distributed to students and staff.

Mock Trial Team

Advisor: Katie Bartone
Meetings: As announced
The Mock Trial Team is for students interested in law, the judicial system and related careers. Team members are presented with a court case by the New York State Bar Association, which they break down into what each side needs to prove to win and the types of evidence added by each witness. The team then agrees on which members will be lawyers, who will be witnesses and who will assist the team.

Each side in the case then formulates their courtroom strategy, and team members then practice, practice and practice. Beginning in mid-January, Mohonasen’s team competes against others from Schenectady County schools.

A regular competition season schedule is followed by playoffs, which are held as a single elimination tournament.

Mohon Masque

Director: Kathleen Derochie
Assistant: Nicole Gabriel

Meetings: As announced “All the world’s a stage” – at least that’s what many aspiring actors and actresses might believe. Mohon Masque generally puts on two plays each year – one in late fall/early winter and a major musical production in the spring. Mohon Masque has a reputation for putting on outstanding performances with excellent attendance from loyal fans in the community.

Tryouts and rehearsals are announced at least a week in advance to give students time to prepare. Even if acting, singing and dancing aren’t for you, there are many other ways to get involved in the plays. Directing, stage crew, set building, costumes, fund-raising and lighting are just a few of the behind the scenes opportunities for students.

Odyssey of the Mind

Advisor: Jason Varga
Meetings: Each team sets its own schedule and works with a volunteer coach
Creative problem-solving comes from teamwork, cooperation and risk-taking. That’s the principle behind Odyssey of the Mind, an international problem-solving competition that is both fun and challenging.

Students team up to work on one of several open-ended problems that the international OM organization poses each year. For example, one problem may require students to build a structure that meets specific guidelines… Another problem
may require a theatrical solution that is written and performed by students.

The problems are the same for all teams but the solutions vary based on the innovation of the students involved. There is a regional competition each spring and, depending on how students score, they may proceed to the state level or beyond.

Olympics of the Visual Arts (OVA)

Advisor: Christina Mathieu
Meetings: Weekly, then daily
OVA is a group of students who participate in a competition about fashion. The challenge is released in January as the students meet weekly, then every day as the competition gets closer come April. The students create themed dresses made entirely out of paper, then model the dress on the runway for the judges, competing against schools across the state.

Peers for Peace

Advisor: Diane Blinn
Meetings: Bi-weekly
Peers for Peace Diversity Club is a group committed to building a welcoming community for all students by addressing issues of intolerance. During bi-weekly meetings, club members will work together to plan school activities that promote tolerance and acceptance of all people throughout the school. New members are always welcome!

Peer Mediation

Advisors: Rebecca Pauley & Diane Blinn
Meetings: Announced in advance
Student mediators are trained to help other students resolve conflicts in a constructive, non-violent fashion. Any student can request mediation at any time during the school year. Peer mediators sit down with the students who are in conflict and help them identify the source of the problem and find lasting solutions that satisfy both parties.

Students who are interested in becoming peer mediators must attend 12 hours of training. It is a worthwhile experience for any student – particularly those interested in counseling or law careers.

Robotics Club

Advisor: George Reluzco
Meetings: Weekly
The high school Robotics Club is open to students in grades 9-12. The club is part of the high school robotics team, the MohonBots. This team has been active in the FIRST Tech Challenge robotics competition since the 2010-11 season. The MohonBots have won many awards and competitions.

The goals of the Robotics Club are: to develop students skills and interest in robotics, STEM, teamwork and collaboration, and leadership; to support the efforts of the robotics team; to develop future leaders of the robotics team; and, to participate in community outreach activities aimed at increasing interest and awareness of robotics and STEM fields.

Science Club

Advisor: Jennifer Gribben
Meetings: Monthly, as announced
The Mohonasen Science Club provides students with an opportunity to participate in science outside of the typical classroom setting. The club creates a forum for scientific discussion and hands-on science activities. Planned activities include area hikes/trips, spearheading recycling efforts, sponsoring guest speakers on science topics, cleaning up Mohonasen and an annual year-end trip/event.

Science Olympiad

Advisor: Dawn Aulita
Meetings: As announced
The Science Olympiad is a team of students who compete against other school districts. Students meet to develop their skills in different areas of science for the competition. The Science Olympiad is open to all students grades 9-12 with an interest in scientific competition. The team participates in three mini-olympiads in preparation for the regional competition in February.

Ski & Snowboard Club

Advisor: Robert Buehler/Fred Saccocio
Skiing: January through March
Whether you’re an old pro or completely new to the sport, the Ski & Snowboard Club offers a chance to have fun at a sport you’ll enjoy for years. Members will go skiing and/or snowboarding at various mountains in the Northeast from January into March. You can sign up for lessons and rent equipment – or bring your own gear and just plan on hitting the slopes with your friends. Round-trip transportation is provided and membership is open to students in grades 6-12.

Student Senate

Advisors: Dennae Hughes & Priscilla Perry
Meetings: As announced
Student Senate is open to students in grades 9-12. Promoting student leadership and providing community service are the main goals of Mohonasen’s Student Senate.

Officers are elected at the start of each school year for: president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, representatives to the Board of Education and class officers for each grade. The Student Senate sponsors two blood drives every year, the Band Jam during Respect Week at the high school and a holiday
food drive.

Technology Club

Advisor: Robert Buehler
Meetings: Bi-weekly
The Technology Club is open to students in grades 9-12. Examples of club activities include: constructing and programming Boe-Bots TM, flying remote-controlled airplanes, and projects to benefit the community and the school. The Technology Club’s mission statement is: “As members of the Technology Club, we strive to expand our knowledge beyond the course curriculums through various hands-on projects. By applying our acquired knowledge, we hope to partake in activities that serve to improve our school  and community.”

Totem – School Yearbook

Advisors: Dennae Hughes & Stephanie Arnold
Meetings: As announced
Members of the yearbook staff work hard all year to create a great record of memories and noteworthy events of the year. Jobs include photography, layout and design, caption writing and information gathering. Joining the yearbook staff can be lots of fun – but it’s also lots of work. There are strict deadlines to meet and priorities to be set. The yearbook staff always as a great time, and all the hard work and persistence pays off at the end of the year when the finished product is printed and distributed.