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There are a wide variety of scholarships–both local and national–that students can apply for to help fund their college education.

All seniors are STRONGLY encouraged to make weekly checks in Family Connection by Naviance (see page 9). Criteria and application deadlines are provided for each scholarship.

Contrary to popular opinion, not all scholarships are designed for students with a 90+ average. There are many opportunities for students who take the initiative to seek out scholarships and apply. Applications range from a one-page essay to four-page applications with an essay, financial statement and transcript.

Mohonasen students who are selected for awards/scholarships are recognized at the annual high school awards ceremony in May.

There are many local scholarships awarded to Mohonasen graduates each year. Many of them are publicized on Family Connection by Naviance.

Students and parents should also check with their employer(s) to see if there are any scholarships that they may qualify for. If you’re a member of a club or other organizations, there may be scholarships you can tap into.

Finally, the Internet is a great way to find information on scholarships, in addition to Family Connection. Here are a few sites to check out:

Awards ceremonies

Mohonasen High School recognizes student accomplishments in several ceremonies each year. The school tries to notify parents in advance when their son or daughter is going to receive an award so that they can be present to share in the celebration. Dates, times and locations for awards ceremonies are published in the annual district calendar, which is mailed home at the start of each school year.

The following are typically scheduled during evening hours in late May to mid-June:

  • Academic Awards Ceremony
  • Athletic Awards Banquet
  • Music Awards Ceremony

The Academic Letter Award Ceremony recognizes academic achievement of students from the previous school year and is held in November of each year. Eligible students will have an 89.5 or above average in three out of four marking periods in the previous school year.