main content starts hereAcademic Eligibility Requirements

Mohonasen High School has academic eligibility requirements for students to participate in certain events and privileges. These include, but are not limited to, athletic and extracurricular participation, early dismissal and late arrival, driving to school, attending the Senior Picnic, Junior Prom and Senior Ball.

This means that in order for students to attend Prom or Ball, they must be passing the classes that are required for graduation. For those in grades 9-11, this includes English, Social Studies, Physical Education, and Math or Science. For seniors, it includes all classes required to complete graduation requirements by June. Please pay close attention to how student eligibility is determined for the various required classes.

  • For required Full Year Courses, students are eligible to attend if their three quarter average in each required class is 65% or greater: (Q1 + Q2 + Q3) / 3 = 65 or greater.
  • For required Semester Courses, students are eligible to attend if their Q3 average in each required class is 65% or greater: Q3 = 65 or greater.

Student academic progress is monitored in regular intervals throughout the year, and students will be informed about 10 weeks before each event if they are in jeopardy of not being eligible to attend the Prom or Ball. Final decisions will be made in writing approximately 5 weeks before the event.

Prom and Ball are significant events in the lives of our students, and they are a major financial commitment for both students and families. Because of this – and because it’s important for all students to be successful in school and graduate on time – school officials ask that parents/guardians work with the school by actively monitoring student progress.  This can be done through School Tool, our online student management system.

An effective home-school partnership minimizes surprises, facilitates the successful implementation of initiatives and ultimately leads to academic success. Together, parents and school officials can ensure a successful and productive year in which students are able to take advantage of both the academic and extracurricular opportunities available to them.

If you have any questions about School Tool, or do not yet have an account, please call the high school main office.