main content starts hereMohonasen Foundation grant supports literacy intervention

| November 19, 2019

Recognizing that reading and writing are fundamental to academic success across all courses, Draper Middle School has implemented literacy labs to support student learning. This year the literacy lab work is assisted by a donation by the Mohonasen Foundation for Excellence.

Literacy labs allow for small group instruction so teachers can provide students with one-on-one support to develop reading fluency and accuracy. Mohonasen Foundation funds were used to purchase two kidney-shaped work tables that allow the teacher to provide ongoing feedback to support reading. 

Teacher sits around a table with students.

Literacy lab teacher Lisa Daviero said she uses the tables daily for AIS labs and small group work with students.

“They are also used with my larger ELA class for pulling small groups to re-teach/give extra support or conference with students about their work,” she said.

The proximity allows Mrs. Daviero to get to know her students, their interests and their learning needs. She is then able to tailor her instruction to their learning needs.

“The kidney-shaped tables are so much more conducive for working with small groups of kids so that I am facing all of them at once,” Mrs. Daviero said. “They have space and we can have great conversations. It is such a nice way to change up the seating and it helps to make AIS lab a little different then core classes.”

“We are always looking for ways to support our teachers in their work,” Academic Administrator Tasha Anderson said. “This gracious donation from the Mohonasen Foundation for Excellence will support teaching and learning for many years to come.”

Learn more about the Mohonasen Foundation for Excellence here.