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Mohonasen’s Mo-Tech provides relevant, non-traditional learning opportunities in the areas of criminal justice, television production and journalism, business, child development, engineering and robotics, and medical technology. These specialized electives combine classroom instruction with hands-on learning and community connections that expose students to various college and career options.

Mo-Tech LogoThe Mo-Tech learning model has three main components: specialized electives taught by certified teachers; a program facilitator with experience in and connections to the “real world”; and a variety of field trips, guest speakers and internship opportunities.

Mohonasen leaders believe that this model of learning – real-world experiences combined with classroom learning – is a 21st century learning model that will greatly benefit every single student involved. As the district looks to expand and improve programs through more business and community partnerships, field trips, guest speakers and increasingly modern materials and lessons, a main focus of this program will always be helping students see the relevance of school and continually improving their curiosity, critical thinking and creativity. These are skills that will never become obsolete. These are skills that will turn 21st century students into 21st century lifelong learners.

The Mohonasen Mo-Tech program doesn’t just teach students about being a security officer, a journalist, a teacher or an engineer – it offers students a chance to BE a security officer, journalist, teacher or engineer. Students in this program are required to have the curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking skills just like they would if they were working in the “real world.” Students also learn what it is like to be part of a team and, in many cases, part of a community.

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Speakers and presenters may come into any Mo-Tech class throughout the year to discuss topics relevant to the curriculum. Speakers give students a deeper understanding of the material and expose them to the vast careers that are encompassed within the different Mo-Tech areas. These speakers come from various disciplines within the larger field. Field trips also happen periodically. These give students a first-hand view of the information that they are learning about in their courses, as well as exposing them to a variety of other careers directly in their professional environment.

Teachers involved in each Mo-Tech program work together as a team so that each teacher’s expertise serves to strengthen the courses and benefit every student in each program. While teachers are responsible for their individual classes, each team works together to plan and consult on curriculum and lessons. Teachers within each program may be brought into any of the classes in the respective program to conduct lessons or help students with a project from time to time. Classes may also go on joint field trips and share guest speakers.