main content starts hereMid-winter Box Tops for Education winners selected at Bradt, Pinewood

| March 17, 2016

All students who contributed to the Box Tops for Education drives at Bradt Primary School and Pinewood Intermediate School had their names entered in a mid-winter drawing for an assortment of small prizes and goodies from Box Tops. The winners were:


Scarlett Regan, Grade K, Mrs. Griesemer
Alexis Crux, Grade 1, Mrs. Masick
Kaitlyn Dames, Grade 1, Mrs. Masick
James Thompson, Grade 2, Mrs. Ranze-McCullough
Shawn Shepard, Grade 2, Mrs. Ranze-McCullough


Kayla Kristel, Grade 3, Mrs. Mullen
Brooke Bivins, Grade 3, Mrs. Brem
Brooke Willard, Grade 3, Mrs. Connelly
Sydney Rifenburg, Grade 5, Ms. Townsend
Jacob Alger, Grade 5, Mrs. Wheeler

In addition to clipping and submitting box tops, parents are invited to participate in the Price Chopper Tools for Schools program, which enables customers to donate points they earn shopping to help schools obtain supplies, musical instruments and playground equipment. This program runs through the end of March, and parents can submit their Price Chopper AdvtantEdge card numbers to Kathy Ives-Kline at or (518) 356-8430.

Target and Tyson Foods also continue to support our schools. Parents who shop at Target using their Target Red Card may designate a portion of their purchase to be returned to school, and any Tyson A+ labels collected from Tyson products can be submitted to our schools for credit. Additional questions about corporate fundraising projects can be directed to Mrs. Poutre at Bradt Primary School or Mrs. Kline at Pinewood Intermediate School.

Students pose for photo in hallway Students pose for photo in hallway