main content starts hereMHS Parents and Students: Focus on Academic Success as Year Winds Down

| March 2, 2021

A message from MHS Principal Craig Chandler 

Hellol!! Dear Parents and Guardians,

It’s hard to believe that it is March already. Spring is right around the corner (although some days it might not feel like it) and here at MHS we are planning for the end of the school year.

Some of you will be receiving a separate letter from me because, with the end of the school year in mind, your child is not performing at a level that will allow them to progress to the next core course or grade level. Whether you receive that letter or not, I would encourage you to review the SchoolTool parent portal, talk to your child about their academic progress, and encourage your child to fully participate in her or his learning. While the number of students failing courses has increased, the number of students earning honor roll distinction has doubled since last year. What that tells me is that students who are giving it a good faith effort are doing well and even exceeding our expectations. A good faith effort should look something like this:

Attending all class sessions as scheduled, in person or remotely

When learning remotely, turn the camera ON and ENGAGE

When learning remotely, keep a notebook with questions

Attend the teachers’ extra help during Period 10 and get specific help with those things that were noted

Review the SchoolTool portal regularly

Communicate with teachers when struggling with an assignment or a deadline

While this remains our primary area of focus, we are also planning for end-of-year events, particularly for our seniors. I want to assure our senior parents that we have a group that has regularly been meeting to discuss what we can do, what we can’t do, and how we will do our best to make the rest of the year exciting and memorable. We have the experience of last year to guide us, and you can expect many of the same recognitions as you may have seen last year, in the months ahead.

Lastly, it has come to my attention that we have a number of students who are employed and working during the school day. Those students likely have informed their teachers that they can’t fulfill school expectations due to their work schedule. Please know that students are not lawfully permitted to work during the school day, and there is also a legal limit to how many hours they are permitted to work in general. I encourage students to work, but want to make sure that their long term success remains the primary focus. If this pertains to your child, thank you for your prompt attention to resolving this issue by helping your child communicate with her or his employer.

Thank you for the hard work of parenting, particularly now. I know from experience that it is not easy, but I am encouraged by the students I see here at school every day as well as those I see when I drop in remotely to classes via Google Meet. Kids are making the most of difficult times and learning resilience and self-advocacy in ways that were never before required. I am confident that in the long term they will be well-served by these important life lessons. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to me.


Craig Chandler