main content starts hereMHS Oct. 15 Open House Information, with Introductory Video

| October 15, 2020

MHS Open House

View a brief introductory video with instructions to navigate the virtual open house. Video will be viewable after 3 p.m.

MHS Open House Teacher Availability Via Google Meet.

Parents and guardians will follow their child’s schedule virtually. After watching a brief introductory video, parents will spend 8 minutes in each virtual classroom by joining via Google Meet. The additional two minutes is for virtual “passing time.” Parents and guardians will need to reference this schedule for times, their child’s schedule for classes, and the teacher matrix for Google Meet links. Please note, parents should not attend Math or Science “lab,” but should attend Math or Science classes.

5:00-5:30 Welcome Video (video is approximately five minutes long).
5:30-40 Block 1-2A
5:40-50 Block 3-4A
5:50-6:00 Block 5-6-7A
6:00-6:10 Block 8-9A

6:10-20 Block 1-2B
6:20-30 Block 3-4B
6:30-40 Block 5-6-7B
6:40-50 Block 8-9B