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| June 8, 2021

A June 7 message from Superintendent Shine

Dear Parents, Faculty and Staff,

Earlier today (Monday, June 7), Governor Cuomo held a press conference and laid out his requirements related to mask wearing for students and adults while in school or on school grounds. He also talked about face coverings for all New Yorkers and when that mandate would end. Full details are summarized in this Times Union article: Cuomo: Hit 70 percent vaccination, ‘back to life as normal’.

“If New York hits the 70 percent mark, Cuomo said, he would lift capacity restrictions, social distancing rules, cleaning and disinfection protocols, health screening rules, and contract tracing.” The state is currently at a 68.6% vaccination rate, so we are quite close to that threshold. But it may be several weeks before we reach it. The Governor also forecasted that students would be fully back in school in the fall without mandatory face coverings.

In the meantime, the Governor has allowed for the discontinuation of required face coverings for students and adults while outdoors, regardless of whether they are engaged in physical activity. Mohonasen will use this latitude, effective immediately. Wearing face coverings while outdoors at Mohonasen is now optional for all students and adults; this includes students and adults who are vaccinated and students who are not vaccinated.

As a further reminder from my previous updates, student and adult mask use while engaged in physical activity inside of schools is also optional. This includes during Physical Education classes and during athletic contests and practices.

Face coverings still remain mandatory on school buses, during transitions in buildings, and during core academic instruction. Frequent mask breaks are encouraged to be given to students in classrooms, especially during the hot weather. As an additional reminder, students do not have to wear face coverings while eating breakfast, snack or lunch, but should be socially distanced at such times.

Yours in Service,

Shannon Shine, Superintendent