main content starts hereMarch 9: Rotterdam Police Dept. vs Mohonasen staff basketball game

| March 6, 2023

The Rotterdam Police Department (RPD) will face off against Mohonasen staff members for our annual RPD vs. Mohonasen Basketball Game. Doors open at 3 p.m. and the game begins promptly at 3:30 p.m. The game will take place in the high school gymnasium and tickets will be sold at the door for $1 per person. The proceeds from ticket sales support the Mohonasen basketball program. 

Amelia Maksuti will perform the National Anthem and Greg Massaroni will be on the mic commentating. During halftime, there will be a skills competition with three teams competing. The referees for the game are Kameron Coats and Karieam Brown.

Mohonasen Staff Roster/Supporter

Roster                                                                Supporter

Tara (the Wolf) Wolfanger                             Shawn (the Quick) Quinlivan

Ben (the Big) Pearson                                     Greg (Maz) Massaroni

Daniel (Old Foke) Hoke                                  Becky (the Mule) Muller

Larry (Crusher) Brassard                                 John (Cookin’) Cook

Matthew (Rocket) Ronca                                Duane (Choppin’) Wood

Rick (Pesci) Caruso                                          Craig (The Mayor) Chandler

Ray (Box-Out) Kearney                                   Leslie (Stealin’) Smith

Nicholas (the Beard) Sutter                            Dana (Travelin’) Panatalone

Mark (Mugsy) DeNicola                                  Bill (Ballin’) Vacca

Paige (Alley-Oop) Natole                                Dan (the Voice) Aniolek

William (Weavin) VanWie                              Marvin (The Bald Veedster) Veeder

Chris (the Chairman) Ruberti                          Lindsay (Droppin’ 50) Steenland

Michael (the Stallion) Salamone                     Laurie (Front-Desk) Regina

Tobey (the Terror) Traynham                         Head Coach

Rick (the Black Hole) Arket                             Josh (Whip-You) Whipple


Rotterdam Police Roster

Brandon (the Duke) DeLuke                           Brett (In-the-Black) Quay

Devin (Trey) Murphy                                       Pete (Knickerbocker) Muscanelli

Michelle (Top-of-the-Key) Crandall                Chris (the Face) Nardini

Kyle (Triple-Double) Girard                            Andrew (Doesn’t Pass) D’Aurizio

Sean (the Giant) Simmons                              Kevin (Reese’s) Riess

Nancy (Spider Monkey) Deleon                                  Head Coaches

Keith (the Ark) Noah                           Brandon (John) Madden & Jordyn (In the Valley) LaValley