main content starts hereLocal businesses donate to MohonasenCARES initiative

| April 9, 2019

MohonasenCARES recently received $3,500 in grant money from local businesses to help stock its district Anchor Rooms and Food Pantries.

Stewart’s stores donated $1,000 and Price Chopper supermarkets delivered a $500 card to fund the Mohonasen High School Anchor Room program.

Each school has a room where K-12 students can receive free clothing and toiletries: an Anchor Room at Bradt Primary and Mohonasen High School, the Next to New Closet at Pinewood Intermediate and the Draper Closet at the middle school. Each of these programs exist because of donations (monetary, clothing, shoes, toiletries, etc.) through each school’s community and staff.

In addition, Hannaford supermarkets have also support MohonasenCARES by donating $2,000 in gift cards to help stock the district’s Food Pantries, which help local families in need throughout the year.