main content starts hereKindergarteners celebrate ‘math madness’ with high school students

| February 29, 2016

Bradt school celebrated its third annual Kindergarten Math Madness event on Feb. 23 with help from members of the high school Math Honor Society.

Kindergarteners experienced a series of hands-on math activities, including: rolling dice and practicing counting using 1-1 correspondence; a Domino “parking lot” where students matched dominoes based on the number of dots and also used the Dominos to solve addition number sentences; the “French fry” game where students rolled dice to determine which number is more or less; sculpting two- and three-dimensional figures with Play-Doh; using “The Adding Machine” to practice addition and writing addition sentences; and using iPads to play math games.

Thank you to the high school students for helping make math fun!