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| April 6, 2020

Brian Navarro-Vega

Navarro-Vega, Bryan headshot

Nominated by Ms. Aulita

“I’d like to nominate Bryan Navarro-Vega for Science Student of the Month.  Bryan is a thoughtful, peaceful soul who shows up at Environmental Science with an interest and desire to learn.  When Bryan decides he needs to complete a project, he has been known to take it home to work on (not a requirement!) then turns in a superior product.  Additionally, Bryan is kind and helpful to his classmates and me at all times, even if it is an inconvenience to himself. Bryan’s classmates respect and admire him for his easy-going ways, and I am impressed by his humble spirit.  Bryan is a valuable part of our classroom and adds to the goal of good environmental stewardship by demonstrating an awareness of his natural space, and his responsibility to keep it safe.”

Zionna Perez-Tucker (English)

Perez-Tucker, Zionna headshot

Nominated by Mrs. Halliday.

“I’d love to nominate Zionna Perez-Tucker for ELA student of the month.  Zionna has grown to be a voracious reader, having found a genre of literature that motivates her to find new texts.  She participates (even remotely, through Google Hangouts) in class discussions. She continues to write thoughtful responses that demonstrate that she is analyzing the texts.  She has had “perfect attendance” in her Google Hangouts since we have shifted to the online learning platform.”

Sophia Brown (SS)

Brown, Sophia headshot

Nominated by Ms. Guse.

“I would like to nominate Sophia Brown from my Global 10 class for social studies. She is an outstanding student. She has been my ” go-to” during this on-line transition with any help that I may need and making sure that what I post looks good for the students. She is reliable, prepared and always ready for class, virtual or in person.”

Mary Conway (Math)

Conway, Mary headshot

Nominated by Mr. Higgins.

“For math, I nominate Mary Kate Conway. She is one of the hardest working students in AP Calculus, making very good use of her time to review homework or to make corrections to learn from her mistakes. In addition to being an expert learner, she also devotes a good amount of time helping others learn. She spends as much time getting extra help as she does peer tutoring in science and math. Additionally, she has been working tirelessly on Calculus during online instruction.”