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| May 31, 2018

For students entering fifth grade: Books that Explore the Americas

Recommended books for Summer 2018

Students are asked to read a book this summer then complete the enclosed project or create any project to demonstrate that the student read a book this summer.

Danger on Midnight River by Gary Paulsen. Daniel did not want to go to summer camp, especially when he realized that the school bullies were going with him. When the van overturns and lands in the river, it’s up to Daniel to save the others- or not save them.  (approaching grade level book)

Island: A story of the Galapagos. By Jason Chin.  A volcano creates an island, which changes over millions of year. This non-fiction book shows the natural history of these famed islands. Reading Level (approaching grade level book)

Hatchet by Gary Paulsen. Brian is on a small plane. When the pilot has a heart attack, it is up to Brian to land the plane and try to survive a summer alone in the Canadian wilderness.  (on grade level)

Shredderman; Secret Identity. by Wendelin Van Draanen.  Can anything be done about the school bully? Nolan comes up with a high tech plan that’s sure to make you smile.  (on grade level)

The Divide by Elizabeth Kay. Felix passes out while visiting Costa Rica. He wakes up in a world with mythical creatures and magic. Can he convince his new friends that our world of science really exists and find a way to return to it? (on grade level)

Free Baseball by Sue Corbett.  Felix accidentally becomes a ball boy for minor league team and finds the shocking truth about his Cuban dad. (on grade level)

All stations Distress! Author Don Brown highlights the true story of the Titanic and her passengers. Some will live others will perish. (on grade level)

Wait Till Helen Comes by Mary Downing Hahn. In this scary book Michael and Molly don’t understand their new stepsister. This little girl threatens to send a ghost after the older children. All the Lovely Bad Ones by the same author. When kids fake ghosts to attract guests to their grandmother’s inn, they wake up long-dead children. (above grade level)

Stolen into Slavery: The True Story of Solomon Northup, Free Black Man By Fradin. This chilling story is non-fiction account of Solomon Northup, a Saratoga free man who was stolen into slavery in 1841. He lived for 12 years as a slave in the South. When he was finally set free he returned to Saratoga and wrote his memoirs. He became famous all over the U.S.A.   This new book about his life is written for young adults. (above grade level)

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