main content starts hereFrom the Superintendent: Molding young minds

| May 12, 2015

In her latest column, Superintendent Dr. Spring writes about a teacher who made a difference in her life as she honors Mohonasen teachers who do the same in classrooms throughout the district.

I am sometimes amazed that I work in the field of education given my shaky start in school.  By the time I was in first grade, my parents had moved three times, into three school districts, hoping to find just the right place to live and send their four children to school.
Midway through my first grade year, we finally settled in a school district, but going to school was surely not my favorite thing.  The academics did not necessarily come easily for me, which frustrated my teachers and parents, given that testing indicated I had the ability. I also did not feel secure socially, since I was a pretty chubby child with the kinkiest hair you can imagine.  It got to the point in the intermediate years that I started to hate school and did not understand why it had to be so inflexible.  What we were learning did not seem worth coming to school for, especially in light of the constant teasing of my peers.

That all changed the day that I walked into my 6th grade classroom and met Walter Harvey, a teacher who would influence me in more ways than he could ever know.

Read Dr. Spring’s column here.