main content starts hereFree books a popular hit among Draper students

| June 23, 2016

SummerBookThe Mohonasen Teachers’ Association joined forces with NYSUT and the First Book Company to bring more than one thousand free books to students throughout this academic year. Last week at Draper Middle School, eighth grade students were able to select a book at no cost for their summer reading projects.

Throughout the course of the year, a group of teachers led by Mrs. Deb Brown from Bradt Primary School visited NYSUT headquarters to help sort thousands of books that were later distributed to Mohonasen and other school districts around the region.

In December, a popular event was held at Draper Middle School allowing students to select books to take home and leave books for other students to enjoy, as a result of this program. The goal of the program was to ensure that all students had access to books and to foster excitement among students about reading.