main content starts hereFirst and second grade spring spelling bee events

| April 23, 2015

There is exciting news “buzzing” around Bradt School! First and second-graders will have an opportunity this spring to participate in grade-level spelling bee events designed to show them how important and fun spelling is!

First Grade Informal Spelling Event

First-graders will participate in an informal spelling event in their classrooms on the morning of Friday, May 1. Each child will have the opportunity to spell words that they have already learned during the school year. The event will last about 15-20 minutes in the classrooms. All students will receive a certificate for participating in the spelling event. The goal is to experience the process of being in a Spelling Bee, which is a more formal “fun” event when your child is in 2nd grade.

Second Grade Spelling Bee

Each second grade classroom held a classroom Spelling Bee on April 17. The winners from each classroom then participated in a school wide Spelling Bee on April 29 for second graders only. The winner of the Second Grade School Wide Spelling Bee was Lizzie Lewis followed by Abby Marriner in second place. Lizzie received a trophy while Abby received a gift certificate to Barnes and Noble.

Here are some helpful tips for parents to help their child:
  •  Practice spelling words in the car on the way to do errands.
  •  Designate a spelling wall in your home. Post new words to the wall each day.
  •  For family game night, conduct an impromptu themed spelling bee.
  •  Read great books! You will be entertained while you effortlessly improve your spelling and increase your vocabulary.
  •  Scour the dictionary in search of words to stump your parents and teachers.

Students are pictured below during the second grade classroom bees on April 17.