main content starts hereFifth graders get glimpse of job options at Career Day

| February 9, 2016

“Find something you like to do, and you’ll never mind doing your job.”

That was one of many pieces of advice adults shared with fifth graders during Pinewood’s 4th annual Career Day on Friday, Feb. 5.

Parents, siblings and district staff provided students with a glimpse into careers such as flight attendant, electrician, engineer, accountant, school science administrator and more.

Students took notes throughout the morning event, asking presenters questions such as, “Why do you like your job?”, “What skills to you need?”, and “What are your hours?”

Pinewood Guidance Counselor Amy Christopher, who organized the event, said Career Day brings to life for students concepts such as defining interests, goal setting and career plans.

“With the growing emphasis on college and career readiness, we strongly feel that hosting a Career Day for our 5th grade students has been a valuable addition to our Elementary Guidance Plan,” said Christopher. “This is an opportunity for students to gain valuable insight on a variety of careers and expand their knowledge of just how many options are out there for them.”

Presenters encouraged students to keep their options open, be responsible, stay organized and work hard in school.

Dad Brian Karrel, landscaping manager at Stuyvesant Plaza, shared advice he received long ago from an uncle: “If you like what you do, you will never work a day in your life.”

Special thanks to the volunteers who volunteered their time to be part of Pinewood’s Career Day:

  • John Dantz, professional mover
  • Scott DeLorenzo, State Trooper-Sergeant
  • Makensie Bullinger, Mohonasen Academic Administrator for Science
  • AnnMarie Goldman, Flight Attendant
  • Matt Stein, Mohonasen Director of Athletics
  • Eliott Goldstein, New Station Ingest Op.-Video Editor
  • Greg Ricciardi, Locomotive Engineer
  • Brian Karrel, Landscape Manager, Stuyvesant Plaza
  • Karen Blesser, Albany Financial Group administrative assistant
  • Juan Conde, Truck Driver
  • Joshua Chandler, Aircraft Electrical Technician, USMC
  • Pearl Hyam, Community Habilitation Specialist
  • Tom Gianatasio, Accountant
  • Ellen Romeo, Residential Coordinator
  • Steve Rifenburg, Electrician
  • Dave Phillips, Public Health Engineer
  • Larry Lowe, Food Director/Head Chef