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| May 18, 2020

Dear Draper Families,

Calendar Update

There will be no distance learning on Memorial Day.  Our last day of school will be Wednesday, June 17th.  This will be a half-day of distance learning.  Progress Reports will be mailed home by May 22nd.


Our grading philosophy at Draper has temporarily shifted from a classic numeric (0-100) system to one more focused on students showing evidence of learning through online assignments.  Our faculty have strived to be flexible and understanding in regards to assignment completion and due dates during this unprecedented time.  Our faculty have distilled their content into vital distance learning assignments, which is why it is so important for students to continue to participate in distance learning through the end of the year.

Quarter 4 progress reports will be posted on School Tool and mailed home.  Numerical grades will not be assigned.  Instead, teachers will provide two comments; one comment regarding participation with distance learning, and a second comment that pertains to student progress towards grade level skill and content expectations.

Quarter 4 Progress Report and Report Card Comments

  • Distance Learning Engagement: Student has not engaged with distance learning
    • Grade Level Expectations: Student is at risk of receiving an Incomplete for Quarter 4 (progress report comment, only)
  • Distance Learning Engagement: Student has participated in some distance learning
    • Grade Level Expectations: Student has not met grade-level expectations at this point in the school year
  • Distance Learning Engagement: Student has participated in distance learning on a regular basis
    • Grade Level Expectations: Student has met grade-level expectations at this point in the school year
  • Grade Level Expectations: Student has exceeded grade-level expectations at this point in the school year

Quarter 4 report cards will not have a numeric average for quarter four.  Students will be given a “P” for Pass or an “I” for Incomplete.  Teachers will make clear to students what is required in order to receive a Pass or Incomplete for Quarter 4.  Distance learning assignments from April 14th through June 17th will count towards Quarter 4.  Similar to the progress report, teachers will list two comments on the report card.  There will be one comment gauging distance learning engagement and a second key comment where the teacher will identify if the student has met grade-level expectations for that particular subject.

A student’s overall average for a subject will be the overall average based on the first three quarters.  Students who are on the borderline of failing overall in a subject may be given an opportunity by the teacher to raise his or her grade to a 65.  The Quarter 4 Pass or Incomplete will not impact overall averages.

If a student was failing either ELA or Math overall for the school year and also received an Incomplete for Quarter 4, he or she will be required to participate in an online Summer School, hosted by Capital Region BOCES.  Counselors will reach out to these students by the end of the school year.  If a student passed overall for the year but received an Incomplete for Quarter 4, the guidance counselor or teacher will reach out to determine how the student can best prepare for the next school year.

Locker Clean Out / Supply Return

We have created a schedule and system for students to clean out their lockers and return school-issued supplies such as textbooks in a safe and orderly fashion.  We plan to utilize the week of Memorial Day (5/26-5/29) to accomplish this task.  Students will have access on a specific day from 12:00 – 5:00 pm based on their last name.  The lock and latch of each locker have been sanitized.  Any family needing to make alternate arrangements should contact Mr. Arket.  There will be an administrator and security monitors at Draper each day of cleanout.


  • A-D: Tuesday, May 26, Noon to 5 p.m.
  • E-L: Wednesday, May 27, Noon to 5 p.m.
  • M-Q: Thursday, May 28, Noon to 5 p.m.
  • R-Z: Friday, May 29, Noon to 5 p.m.

All who come to Draper for cleanout are expected to follow these guidelines:

  • All who enter Draper must follow social distancing guidelines and wear a mask.
  • No more than 5 students are allowed in the building at a time. If more than 5 students arrive at the building at a given time, they will be asked to wait under our canopy in marked six-foot intervals.
  • Each student may bring one parent to help with carrying supplies, if necessary.
  • Each student will be escorted to his/her locker by a Draper Security Monitor.
  • Students must completely empty his/her locker, gym locker, and return any school-issued supplies to the main lobby, where subject-specific tables will be set up.
  • It should take no more than 10 minutes for a student to clean out his/her locker and return supplies.

Supplies to return: Students should plan to return any school supplies to a subject-specific table in our Main Lobby.  Not all students will have supplies to return.  A sample list of possible school-owned items is below.  Students should label the supply with a Post-it on the inside cover of books.

  • School issued calculators (yellow)
  • ELA paperback books
    • Grade 8 – Monster, and/or The Outsiders
    • Grade 6 – Girl Who Owned a City, Double Identity
  • Library books
  • French Textbooks for students enrolled in French 1a

Band/Orchestra Instruments:  You may keep any rented instrument for band or orchestra over the summer if you wish.  However, if you wish to return it, there will be a table for instruments in the main lobby.  Please label the instrument by placing a Post-it with your name on it inside your instrument case.

Medications – The school nurse will be in each cleanout date to return student medications.  She will be at a table in the main lobby to sign out meds back to families.

Chromebooks:  Chromebooks will not be collected.  Students should keep them safe for the summer with the intent to use them next school year.

Grade 8 Moving Up Update

Due to the new last day of school, the Grade 8 Moving Up Drive-Thru has been moved to Tuesday, June 16th, 9 – 11 am.  More details regarding the Drive-Thru will be sent to grade 8 parents the week before the Drive-Thru.  Our moving up ceremony will be posted on the district website no later than June 15th.

Grade 6 Field Trip and Grade 8 Career Day Refunds:  Refunds for the Grade 6 Howe Cavern Field Trip ($5) and Grade 8 Career Day ($7) will be given to families who paid and will be available in the main lobby during cleanout.  Those eligible families who do not collect the refund during cleanout will receive a refund check over the summer.