main content starts hereDraper names December and January Students of the Month

| February 23, 2022

Draper Middle School is pleased to announce the December and January Students of the Month! Congratulations to the following:

Grade 6

Michael Conaway, Tyler Gleichsner, Noah Harmon, Ava Lindemann, Arianna Lopez, Nick Marciniak, Skyler Pelletier and Cassidy Wright

Grade 7

Sophia Barnett, Miley Farnam, Thomas Gianatasio, Jenna Kingsbury, Natalie Kurick, Sadie Parker, Gino Petersel and Hunter Stephens

Grade 8

Brooke Baldwin, Isabella Burgess, Daniel DeLaVega, Shea Moore, Michael Overman and Abby Quenneville, Zachart Raym and Danyella Sanders

Team Brooks and Team Giattino

Mark Hill and Owen Roma