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Every class at Draper has Success Indicators. Success Indicators are the assignments, tests and projects that MUST be completed satisfactorily for a student to receive credit for the course. It’s as simple as that. The grade that the student earns above passing will depend on the timeliness and quality of the work.

If a student does not pass the course for the quarter or semester, he or she is placed on Academic Probation. At this point, the student has five weeks to make up the missing/unsatisfactory Success Indicators. If they are not completed, the failing grade for the marking period stands. If the missing/unsatisfactory assignments are completed, the grade received will be averaged in for that marking period. Teachers will identify an assignment as a “must do” if the student is failing the quarter; the assignment will be marked by “SI” before the title.

Success Indicators can be viewed, downloaded and printed through Mohonasen’s Parent Portal SchoolTool, along with student’s attendance and report card information.

Success Indicators Frequently Asked Questions

How will parents know what the Success Indicators are?

A good rule of thumb is for parents to think back to when they went to school. If an assignment is a quiz, test or project, then it is probably a Success Indicator. If you’re not sure, please e-mail the teacher or contact the Guidance Department at 356-8371.

Can the Success Indicator be a test or quiz?

If a student does not pass that test or quiz, there will be complete instructions on how the student can satisfactorily complete the test or quiz. We cannot allow the student to simply fail the test and move past it. He/she must work to demonstrate at least a basic understanding of the material presented in the course.

Do all classes have Success Indicators?

At Draper Middle School, core area (math, ELA, science, social studies and foreign language) and special area (music, art, home & careers, etc.) have Success Indicators. Students have ample opportunity to make up assignments during Advisory and afterschool.

What if a student receives an INCOMPLETE on his or her report card?

A student who receives an incomplete on his or her report card will be placed on Academic Probation. Students on Academic Probation are required to stay after school for a two-hour work session (2:15-4:15 p.m.) once per week until the assignments are satisfactorily completed. If work is not made up in a timely manner (5 weeks into the next marking period), the previous grade or zero is factored into the student’s quarterly average.

How does a student get taken off Academic Probation?

A student comes off Academic Probation by successfully completing all missing assignments.

What if a student fails a course?

If a student ultimately fails a core-area class (math, ELA, science, social studies, foreign language), he or she will be required to retake the course during the six-week summer school session. For students who fail non-core area classes, students will have to make up the missing/incomplete Success Indicators for those courses.

What if the Success Indicators are too hard for the student?

All of the Success Indicators are designed to prepare students to meet the 6th-8th grade standards set forth by New York State. We are mandated by New York State to assist every student to meet these standards. If the Success Indicators are too hard, we provide assistance in the form of:

  • After-school help/weekly A.P. detentions
  • Academic Intervention Services (AIS)
  • Special Education Services (if qualified)
  • Alternative Middle School Program
  • Peer Tutoring